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  1. How can I get it to use my salve ammy (e) instead of (ei) when i am melee not ranged?
  2. I only suggest this script for using lunar magicks. It is solid at stringing jewelry and making planks. But, do not use for long, its actions seem really predictable. It needs some randomness.
  3. Very disappointed with this script. Yes, it does what it says it does. But at very low efficiency. The login feature is extremely buggy, and many scripts do not work with you logging in/out. You have to be logged in to start ANY script or it will instantly end. If you log out while doing alching script, it will not correctly run when you log back in. So no breaks while alching! Does Humidify at VERY low efficiency (40k xp hour when it can get 70k+) Does Plank Make at low efficiency. (Misses about 10-20k an hour because of faulty clicking) And has a huge price attached to it. Not renewing. And I suggest you try other options before you revert to this.
  4. @asdfasdf12345 @Starfox Can you respond to what I asked... im not experienced at botting && i plan to do about 6m magic xp.
  5. Whats the banrate like? Running for 30 mins with a 30 min randomness Breaking for 30 mins with a 30 min randomness Safe with my times?
  6. Did 1-2 runs a day with 1 hour breaks. b& after 3 days. I ran this script fine with just running 1 game. Do not make this script do multiple runs daily, it is suspicious to do something like nmz countlessly. I did overload + absorbption and my runs lasted about 3 hours each.
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