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  1. bought 10 credits! FAST & SUPER RELIABLE!
  2. I personally will never use this again, ran it on a freshly made account that i hand trained to get to willows, then I started it @ 3am in the morning by the time i woke up (5 hours) my account was disabled, I don't know if this was just me but i can show proof if interested.
  3. Just used this, Solved tut island in only 6 1/2 minutes! No problems, flawless! Thanks m8, using your waterfall quest script as we speak!
  4. Just bought this... No offence or anything but you shouldn't be selling a script that is so buggy... Doesn't even do barb course,, Just sits there running not moving you ever.. My mistake I apologize, After 5 minutes the script started to work.
  5. TriBot is 100% worth the monthly subscription tho.
  6. I forget the names but one does attack one does attack defense and str and one does defense. Best for training str is d scimmy or d hally.
  7. Thank you for the warm welcome m8
  8. Hey all I just joined the community I have never botted before thought I would give it a try since I don't really have to much time to play anymore. Feel free to chat me up anytime. Thanks, DyZaStaR