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  1. ive botted 1 account to 99 the other to 91 and 1 more to 86 with out a ban its not the ban from doing chins that im worried about its the script. The script should not be misclicking on a consistent basis along with putting traps in the wrong places because of its misclicking
  2. The bot at red chins miss clicks the traps constantly not even I miss click that much when playing legit and because the mouse is moving so erratic it will place the traps in undesired locations. Certainly not a very appealing quality.
  3. Botting 2 accounts on different IP's at red chins one is 80 Hunter and one is 90 the script is running flawless at the moment
  4. ill probably purchase it with ABC2 coming, hows the ban rate with it anyways?
  5. I would limit only 2 accounts from your home IP address i've made it far running 2 accounts on 1 IP at least a year botting nearly everyday.
  6. Powermine iron until your at a satisfied level then do the grand tree quest and mine all the goodies under the grand tree.
  7. I wont use or buy a script that doesn't have ABC2 implemented there is literally no point unless you don't mind losing accounts.
  8. When you buy proxies and use them make sure you train your combat level, level 3's are easily subjected to bans. All the accounts i bot on are 50+ combat level it decreases your risk of bans immensely.
  9. I encountered this unexpectedly while having breaks set my bot went to log out for a 18 minute break then immediately logged back in, not sure if its a client issue or an issue on your end. Here is the client debug. [23:56:58] Script will now continue![23:56:58] Next AFK in 27.119566 minutes.[00:24:06] Script will now AFK for 36.873 seconds[00:24:40] Script will now continue![00:24:40] Next AFK in 18.26385 minutes.[00:31:42] Break Handler: Taking a break for: 00:18:42[00:31:47] Login bot started.[00:31:47] Login Bot: Login...[00:31:57] Login bot succeeded.
  10. very odd, it seemed to work on my end or could have been coincidence.
  11. You need to open ports on your Firewall it worked for me after doing so here's a link to a video that shows you how to do it. If it doesn't work while enabling it to windows firewall then Portforward the runescape ports on your router.
  12. Just grab a few pickaxes ranging from bronze to adamant and use the PowerMine option on the GUI and let it run, you should be level 30 in no time.
  13. Unfortunately, my ability to print the Script stack trace is no longer there the bot did eventually fix itself after 10-15 seconds. Now after running the bot all night I encountered "the maximum amount of instances for this script as been surpassed. Stopping script (1). Message:0" I purchased the full premium auth to this bot i'm not sure why i'm getting disconnected. Also, if I encounter that glitch again I will make sure to print the Script stack trace. Edit: I believe i know why i got an error for Maximum amount of instances, my router and firewall were blocking ports connected to Runescape making me unable to connect to game or website. After portforwarding the Runescape ports things seem to be running well.