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  1. Seems you're inactive on Discord @warfront1 So I have a couple questions hopefully you can answer here. Would it be possible for you to add Necklace of Passage as a method of teleportation to the Wizards Tower (For the Fairy Ring behind it)? This would be for access to an altar of your choice that is commonly accessed via fairy rings (Cosmic/Nature) Also as stated above, if this is doable for you, could you please consider Cosmic as a viable option for fairy ring method? Maybe make it so we can choose our preferred method of GETTING TO the altar & so we can choose our preferred method of banking? (E.g Castle wars/Clan wars/Edge etc) Any info/feedback on these couple ideas would be greatly appreciated! Cheers - Brow!
  2. Added on Discord @warfront1 would like to get a couple questions answered when you can Cheers - Brow.
  3. If you can get the seeds beforehand, aka already have at least 1 in your invent, just hit Debug and click inventory. It'll show any item ID you have in your invent.
  4. @Laniax Just a quick suggestion... When blackjacking at pollnivneach menaphite thugs, when leaving to un-note food, could you make it close the curtain to keep the thug trapped? Speeding up xp/hr potentially as it shouldn't have to re-lure as often/if at all. (Sometimes luring can take forever and looks pretty bot-like) Cheers! - Brow
  5. Since the update, I cannot for the life of me, get it to save what to alch. I type in what to alch, hit save & start the script, then it just empties the alch list and doesn't alch... obviously. Lol... Any ideas on what this could be? @Optimus
  6. Yeah, I did try this and it does hook but the problem is, it uses way more resources than osbuddy & the regular 32/64bit RL. This is what I was trying to avoid lol. maybe there is just no way around this issue, who knows :( thanks for the help though! Cheers! - Brow.
  7. Having trouble with LG hooking to RuneLite, I have 32bit RL & JDK. When loading an LG client with RL, I just get a black screen? Any help appreciated! Thanks - Brow.
  8. Not worked for a day or two now at Gargoyles, start script and it'll attack 1 and then basically just afk and do nothing. It'll just move the mouse around a little bit every now and then. Presuming it needs fixing Any news on what's going on @Tri? Cheers, Brow
  9. @Tri Any ideas as to why this script completely ignores noted Big bones drop? I've added 'Big bones' 'Big bones (20)' & even the item ID to loot list. If I drop a pile THEN start the script it'll loot them, then continue to ignore further big bone drops... Cheers, Brow.
  10. Great. is it possible to use this without having to get the woodcutting and/or the fletching levels recommended in this thread? So simply just for pure firemaking exp and that's it? EDIT - Never done wintertodt before, that's the reason for me asking nooby questions. Lol. Cheers - Brow.
  11. Good to see times are improving! Any more info from USA yet? Cheers - Brow.
  12. Anyone used this on a level 3? Any deaths/issues? Cheers - Brow.
  13. Not really. I own the lifetime version of wBarrows & it's been dead for couple years now I think with no updates at all to it. Clearly no obligation there at all @Netami lol! Pricing sounds good to me though, also sounds like they need more active admins to get things moving! This waiting game sucks. Still no video footage? Cheers - Brow.
  14. Working just fine now my man! Thanks for the speedy fix @Encoded ! Cheers - Brow. EDIT: - Here's a little proggy for ya! https://gyazo.com/27506bb33c1a62d251ff8a3f13f5bb21
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