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  1. This allows it to use more of your computer basically, I believe. I would recommend upping it to the same amount and try again. It really makes a difference.
  2. Just a thought but how much heap size are you allowing your client? Here's mine... https://gyazo.com/5f7540ab6e255f8c16b58402434a5179
  3. https://gyazo.com/9c0fa34a637cb7ca720b75d22704a894 (Newest version with LG) Also @Worthy it's looking good man Thanks for the fast fix!
  4. Ok so the switches are happening now @Worthy ...A bit slower than before but it works so I'm happy. The only thing I've noticed so far is that after it switches to Rapid style with the BP, it won't switch back to Accurate for the trident. Other than that it's working good, at least I can use it now lol! Cheers!
  5. @Worthy Here's my current state with the range phases, it's literally not switching attack styles at all now, all F keys have been defaulted (which they were anyway) and the BP does have ammo....any ideas? EDIT: The hooks.dat has been deleted previously to this date. https://gyazo.com/37390fea882f241189453ed203dea124 https://gyazo.com/98d0ecd36a43bfe46323474e4b4ad44f
  6. Yup I wastched the paint also. I did notice it was trying to switch, although when this appeared it would switch from "Switching attack style" to "Idling" running back and fourth due to the Rapid style being on. And that's fine, as I said it runs fine and achieved 600 KC so far, so I'm happy lol. God knows how people are having these "problems" Thanks again @Worthy
  7. @Worthy Deleted my hooks.dat & have always used OSB. It's still doing it, here's another GIF from earlier on but again without the poison unfortunately. https://gyazo.com/a767b47ff499bd8c2842f9d526135bd4 It repeats that action until the next phase. Cheers. EDIT: Also, is there anything you could do, to speed it's actions up at the bank in Catherby when banking for stam doses? I really think the profits would rise a bit if this section of the route was sped up. It sits for quite a while once the bank/banker has been clicked, then the same for each action. It's fine if you can't since I know LG really does differ from the normal client. Just a thought Thanks again.
  8. Yes I am using LG. And from the time I sat and watched it, it never switched to long range... rather, it just stayed on rapid or accurate and running in to the poison. Not a huge deal if I'm honest, just wastes a couple food that's all. Performed better when it used long range lol
  9. At the minute it doesn't seem to be switching to long range when using blowpipe and running in to the poison. Here's a GIF of it not switching, but no poison on this occasion but it does happen lol, will try and catch it again for you. @Worthy https://gyazo.com/6678f1bd7b8ffa27fc77f4864b638b0a
  10. Ok so how is this guy doing 130 kills an hour lol? Am I missing something here? o_o @Worthy @Attitudes
  11. Yup using LG ...
  12. https://gyazo.com/af704e42395d628eee4c23d81dcdb067 Getting this quite often also @Worthy Along with other random items that I do actually have in the bank...?
  13. Sorry, it is the BLUE phase, but the script seems to think it's GREEN phase, hence why it's standing in magic gear... and doing the opposite of what it should be doing. Next time I encounter it I'll try my best to grab what it is doing. Sorry if that wasn't helpful at all, thought I'd share just in case you had any ideas as to why Cheers.
  14. Running a bit faster, running the past 1.5 hours though it's messed up twice, and both time it was when the 2nd phase is GREEN. It is trying use mage gear when it should be in ranged gear, on top of that it isn't praying mage, resulting it in just standing there panic eating food...
  15. @erickho123 any plans on adding ZMI alter? Just a thought, no biggy really but would be useful