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  1. Potent

    New to Tribot; What makes a premium script worth it?

    Trust me if you really care about your account you will go Premium
  2. Potent

    Hacked from using this website

    lol all i can say just got back using this program again after years off and never been hacked once.
  3. Potent

    Best bot for GP with low ban rate risk!

    Yes good luck in your future endevors
  4. Nice I like the updates
  5. Potent

    Congratulations to Mute

    Welcome @Mute heard rumors of this beforehand
  6. Potent


    I dunno i saw someone post that on this guys thread when he needed help http://forums.xenobot.net/showthread.php?11819-Pathfinder-Diagnostics-and-Map-IsTileWalkable(x-y-z)
  7. Potent


    Returns true if the tile at the certain position is walkable, false if not. parameter x The X coordinate of the position. parameter y The Y coordinate of the position. parameter z The Z coordinate of the position. returns boolean
  8. Potent

    What would you pay for?

  9. Your win % is 65% gl having odds like that and finding a partner use 53 or 55%
  10. Agreed he tells us how to protect himself and gets hacked twice a month
  11. Potent

    [ ABCL 10 ] Tree Tipper AIO [ $5 / month ]

    There is D Axe support thanks for the 99 . http://gyazo.com/1001841840c7d822b82184b7fc63d7f8
  12. Potent

    Resource area bot

    Yeah it sounds like a really complicated script
  13. Potent

    TRiBot Release 9.102_0

    Good update
  14. Potent

    [Request] Lumbridge Cooker

    Why not use the Caterby one?