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  1. Trust me if you really care about your account you will go Premium
  2. lol all i can say just got back using this program again after years off and never been hacked once.
  3. Lmfao At least it went to a good cause, and not all for not.
  4. Yes good luck in your future endevors
  5. Maybe 40 depends on the quests it's easily botted Edit just saw the void if pest control is easily botted i say 50 you probably could sqeeze 70-75 on Playerauctions
  6. Nice I like the updates
  7. Welcome @Mute heard rumors of this beforehand
  8. Don't use they never work if you use anything make it a VPS
  9. I dunno i saw someone post that on this guys thread when he needed help http://forums.xenobot.net/showthread.php?11819-Pathfinder-Diagnostics-and-Map-IsTileWalkable(x-y-z)
  10. Returns true if the tile at the certain position is walkable, false if not. parameter x The X coordinate of the position. parameter y The Y coordinate of the position. parameter z The Z coordinate of the position. returns boolean
  11. Just in time for 4/20 lol
  12. Welcome