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  1. just a question for the banking, why are ring of wealths required when using ffa?? cant it just go to the bank there? seems an annoying extra to have if running on an ironman, as a varrok teleport can take you to the g,e or even run from varrok centre Edit: suggestion: to give the option for a prayer armour set? so not praying in normal armour
  2. got 85 mining using this script no problem will buy again 100% once you add this feature
  3. Can you please add an option for ironmen to only mine sandstone, just looks crazy to mine both, bank only sand and drop granite O.o
  4. bought this script lifetime a while back now i dont have all od a sudden?
  5. took a little while to get the trail working heres my observations if having issues with larder: Move the kitchen off your central portal, make sure no hot keys. disable mouse scroll zoom and zoom out erm, i also deleted the .dat folder, when i started it crashed so went back into the file was 1 file a lot larger than the others so deleted that now everything seems to work
  6. ah yes i see the problem just tested if i pause the script and put it inside the friends house on the banking phase, it will find the jewery box and continue from there so looks like its just having an issue knowing it has to re-enter friends house to bank? maybe just a command you missed out when you put the new feature in
  7. saw some comments earlier about ring of dueling thing ive noticed during trial using another players house with pool and fairy ring 2 things, it always banks the ring of dueling so when it needs to bank it just keeps hitting teleport tab and saying invalid bank, and then stops the script. also when entering another persons house it retypes it every time? maybe type it once then just click above it after would look less bottish? anyupdates on the duel ring not being taken out for rebanking? or even rentering friend house and using there jewlery box to bank would be awesome
  8. Can this use other players houses? Always maxed houses hosted everyday
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