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  1. im on 0 vip days? O.o
  2. used this script for a long time flawless, one thing i'd love to see it have would be to when out of supplies to end the script or log out, if not you'll be sat at the bank for hours
  3. if this had guthans support i'd probably buy it
  4. temporary fix for this problem i've found is for example using DH, Gui doesnt seem to like the idea of using barrows weapons anymore, having multiple ID's for main weapon won't allow it to start for me, so having no speck weapon and sticking to just Dh axe, i've got it running for now
  5. yeah it was working for me before update, basiclly can't get it to start says theres something wrong with a field an invalid number or space ect, there isn't i'm using same settings as before, driving me nuts >.<
  6. haven't used this script in forever and looks like it's still in poor condition looking at the comments
  7. 20m fleching each on 3 accounts almost 4th 99 flech on 4th account, botted 10 hours+ a time Always crowded places never pc bank, food for Thought ^.^
  8. doesn't recognise hard leather anymore
  9. been waiting forever on this
  10. any updates on this mith bar support?
  11. cannon balls doesnt work?
  12. anyone want to help me with how the slave/master works? or how to set up i'm stuck, just for airs with 3 slaves?