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  1. still need it!
  2. I need a fire cape done, with no bank access. Stats: 76 Range 90 HP 70 Prayer 85 Defence Armour: Full Void Glory Snake Boots 99 Cape Karil bow / Rune C'bow Bolt racks / Bolts Comment with your price / skype
  3. Add my skype: Rayes_Services to discuss
  4. Need it done, give me a quote on here. No skype until we agree upon a price or I add you. No bank access. Use this format; I could provide chins, but that would greatly decrease the price i'm willing to pay. Price: Skill(s): You provide materials for range?: Approximate Time Needed:
  5. I'm at 166 QP, looking for someone to get 9 more Quest Points for me. All of my free quests are done, for more information and to see if i've done a quest, message me on Skype: rayes_services YOU WILL NOT HAVE BANK ACCESS.
  6. You will not have access to my bank pin. 85 Defence 70 Range 70 Prayer 90 HP Will pay more if you provide amour etc, but I can do it if you want. ADD MY SKYPE: rayes_services Im looking for a cheap firecaper. I have great defensive and prayer stats, this should be an easy cape. You must have 15+feedback. I will not pay until I see the firecape on my account. IF YOU HAVE 30+ FEEDBACK I WILL PAY FIRST.
  7. Got banned after third day of botting on my main for macroing moderate, 48 hour ban. I used 20-40 min breaks every 2.5-3.5 hours. I'm not blaming the script, just letting you all know.
  8. Well that's pretty much the only situation it works in imo
  9. It does work, they have to be following you or say your name though I believe. I've witnessed my bot say "Im C3P0" after someone followed me and asked my fishing level. Wouldn't it be better for it to not say anything? In that situation they would laugh or be confused, and continue the conversation.
  10. Hello guys, I personally believe that the Auto Responder screams "HI I'M A BOT!", thats why I decided to turn it off. It's easy enough to turn it off, but I want to KEEP it off, as it turns back on every client restart if you do it the obvious way. I found this to be a bit confusing, having to turn it off in different places, so I decided to create a simple tutorial for some of you TRiBot noobs like me. 1. Go to the Script drop down menu on the top, and make sure "Use Auto Responder" is off. 2. Go to the File drop down menu, and go to Settings. 3. The fourth option from the bottom is "Use Auto Responder". Uncheck it, if it isn't already. 4. Close the settings window. When the prompt pops up asking if you want to save, make sure to click "Yes". And, thats all! Now your auto responder is off for good. You can restart your client and not have to keep turning off the responder over and over again.
  11. Stephen, this has nothing to do with the bot. You can turn that off..
  12. Will definitely purchase if you add water orb support with the agility shortcut. May even purchase if you don't, you seem to have fast customer service as well as only small bugs. And only $7? Who could pass up?!
  13. Great script, it honestly made me buy VIP so that I could use it infinitely. I have only have one flaw to report, and I truly doubt there are any others. I don't know if this is part of the Tribot antiban, and sorry if it is, but it clicks the music tab on the bottom right pretty often, and the combat tab that lets you switch attack styles. Is this antiban or a bug? That really is barely even a problem, just adds to my paranoia about botting and getting banned because who actually clicks those?. Also, I do have a question; do you have any tips on highest fish for GP/HR? My guess is Sharks or Lobbies. Whats your opinion? I find it hilarious how these idiots probably have no breaks on, as well as 500-1000 mouse speed and expect to not get banned. They finally do get banned, and then blame the scripter for giving them the changable mouse,break, and tile settings. 10 hr+ Proggie coming up if I don't get banned tonight.. Keep doing what you're doing, and thanks for the free script!! [EDIT]