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  1. i bought 8 credits script when its removed i dont get refunded ? i bought unlimited i should be given back that amount please.
  2. id honestly recovered the Dev, a voice note of a fart, cause they get paid wayyyyyy alot...... for them to be this lazy. and honestly i dont give a fuck if its a long as code to do, you get WELL paid for being there otherwise step down let some one take your place.
  3. How long are you online on weekdays/weekends?: Weekdays 4-5hrs, weekends 6+hrs mostly at night What is you're Time Zone: Mountain time gmt+3 What kind of things can you do for our services (Questing, Torsos, etc)?: powerleveling Have you added either of my Skype ( live:teamtrustaio ) ? : no Why would you like to work for my services?: i need the extra $$ Do you agree to the TOS?: Yes
  4. WDF i was using this script flawlessly, i went to the bathroom came back next thing i know im dead at lubridge lost 120m! and my bank is cleaneddddd DA FUCK!
  5. What service you would like: quest If Questing, Which Quest: mm with subs If Powerlevelling, which stats and what you want it to be: 31 agil 19 magic Do you agree with the Terms of Service: yes
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