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  1. I emailed you one of my proxies are not functionally correctly. All the other ones are fine but this one is not.
  2. [Goldfarming] Offering help

    Do you take breaks? If so how long? How many hours a day do you bot?
  3. TRiBot Donation Centre

    May I ask where do these donations go to? To the servers? They been needed some help lately. Anyways, I always cool to see people support tribot.
  4. TRiBot Release 9.14_2

    This update causing some scripts to try to login in game.
  5. Heyo

    Yo. Raf <3 You!
  6. @i mark die u I highly doubt it that happened. I love your script! The reason why I say to slow it down is I get muted from runescape members reports because of the speed not by system. Since I am not trading always trading at w1. Anyways, I still love this script
  7. Can you add a delay on the typing? Because been muted for typing to fast
  8. Thanks for the script erick! However, is there an ETA for Multi buying?