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  1. I emailed you one of my proxies are not functionally correctly. All the other ones are fine but this one is not.
  2. Master Awesome

    TRiBot Donation Centre

    May I ask where do these donations go to? To the servers? They been needed some help lately. Anyways, I always cool to see people support tribot.
  3. Master Awesome

    TRiBot Release 9.14_2

    This update causing some scripts to try to login in game.
  4. Exmercher pro will try to login even after you have logged in. Thus, displaying the username and password for all to see. I have tested this on my comp w/proxies, w/o proxies, and a virgin laptop. This is an issue that needs to be fixed asap. Note: the free exmercher does not have this problem.
  5. The Script is great. However, I am really must about using zybez with a login feature because soon it will not be available posting online. Furthermore, I prefer to have verification as a trader as it gives more authentication. I have been using a computer macro to do this, however, I hope this can be added to exmercher soon.
  6. @i mark die u I highly doubt it that happened. I love your script! The reason why I say to slow it down is I get muted from runescape members reports because of the speed not by system. Since I am not trading always trading at w1. Anyways, I still love this script
  7. Can you add a delay on the typing? Because been muted for typing to fast
  8. Thanks for the script erick! However, is there an ETA for Multi buying?