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  1. Trilez, you have to make it so the client doesnt automatically stop the script after random failed attempts. I say this because for example, if you are using a range guild script, there is the target window that comes up which the script closes. But if a random appears as soon as the target box goes up, the client tries to solve the random through the target box. Please try to implement a way to fix this problem
  2. The client fails to work on all range guild scripts due to the target box that shows what color you hit, If the strange plant random shows up when using a range guild script, you are 100% dead unless you are babysitting because the client tries to click the strange plant through the target box. i suggest the client supporting antipoison
  3. Your thread states that the frog random is solvable, yet my range guild script got stopped twice in a row because of the frog random.