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  1. can you possibly teamview or screen share with me to help? I'm not too familiar. I can offer you paypal.
  2. I know how to change it but on my screen everythings edgy, and not clean. I just bought it and hooked it up too a Samsung syncmaster b2230hd tv
  3. Yup then add maybe arching for the 10-20minute wait
  4. K when I setup the proxy before I open the client it just doesn't stay i can't explain, I type it I then click the next box and it disappeared
  5. Every time I add a line the whole thing disappears ? And doesn't add to the proxy list
  6. But the proxies aren't working on my client???? Do u have skype
  7. All it's showing is this no upgrade
  8. Thanks still haven't got replys yet from anyone
  9. All it's telling me is this, and now I've lost 3 credits on the trial. I need a refund or an upgrade due to it being 8 credits paid.
  10. I managed to somehow by the trial instead on accident so now I really need a refund on credits please mods help!
  11. Hey guys so I wanna up my subscription so I can use proxies for my gold farm. I already have vip but I don't wanna re pay 8$ for the extended can a mod help me out? I have 2 extra credits to use
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