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  1. methodd

    How to use the Tribot Proxy Feature

    Every time I add a line the whole thing disappears ? And doesn't add to the proxy list
  2. methodd

    Best script for making GP

    Couldn't manage to figure out that script while on trial, maybe I'm just a dummy.
  3. I sent him over 5 messages since yesterday evening on Skype. yes I kno people have lives. But like I said I've been waiting since 5:00 my time it's 9 now in the morning of next day. I Use a 4 item switch and that's body, legs, weapon and bolts. I read the doc many many times I'm not missing anything. I just wanna know how to turn the debug on for the client so I can understand why it's nulling
  4. Can someone hop on team heart that has used the script before and show me how to set it up, or tell me how to show the debug feature so I know what I'm missing or doing wrong. I almost have to walk it all the way there and then start the script and it just does almost every time. I use 5 karajamas, 2 prayer pots, monk fish, level 78+ all skills combat. Great gear with Ahrims serpentine helmet, tried end of seas, blow pipe, etc. is it the script or is it me, it's died all 8 trips. Almost wanting a refund if no support helps in a few hours. it's been since 5Pm yesterday that I haven't received any answers.
  5. methodd

    Buying credits isnt working! help!

    Hey I got rsgp to trade that work?
  6. methodd

    Buying credits isnt working! help!

    i can pay paypal not rsgp..
  7. everytime I try a buy credits it fails to work I have over 10k in my bank account also. so I'm curious.. please help. trying to uy the zulrah slayers for 20.00