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  1. There was a thread about someone who couldn't find out where to buy VIP-E; I'm in the same boat. However, I cannot find the thread. Can someone please link the thread or where to buy VIP-E? Thanks.
  2. Hi all I've been away from OSRS for some time and would like to return. Last I was here, RuneLite was incompatible with LG - is this still the case? If it is the case; A: will there be a fix? B: What is the next best client for LG? Thanks!
  3. hmmmmk thanks for that. Much appreciated.
  4. Can we get an update on the Runelite situation with LG? It's been over a month, probably 2 months since LG and Runelite stopped working. I know there are other fixes etc OSbuddy blah blah but I (and I'm sure others) don't want to use that route. Any form of an update would be nice.
  5. So my VIP-E expired whilst this massive LG issue was going on and as such I'm no longer VIP-E. Will I be compensated for that? And another Q (semi-related) - My VIP-E was set to (and still is set to) recurring but I have lost my VIP-E status and can no longer access LG in the Tribot client - why is this? I have more than enough credits. Thanks.
  6. Hi I came back recently to TriBot and am wanting to send screenshots via PMs but I'm not sure how to attach them (I may just be stupid). If you can't actually attach screenshots in PMs, what is a good site that I can import screenshots and copy/paste the URL? Thanks.
  7. An official banner has been posted confirming LG isn't working right now.
  8. I'm getting the same issue and was using it fine yesterday
  9. Hey Does this support solo WT?
  10. I have 2 issues; after it clicks on a green box (Runelite) it just sits there for 2 seconds (looks very bot-like) when it finishes 1 lap and goes to the start of the course, it clicks on the minimap quite far from the start of the course, runs there then clicks on the green box at the start of the course (looks extremely bot-like) I hope this makes sense. How do I fix these issues?
  11. if anyone else can help me as well; I tried downloading JDK 8 but it redirects me to the oracle page where you have to log in (I'm assuming because it's outdated) (https://login.oracle.com/mysso/signon.jsp) I tried both the windows x86 and x64 from the first panel (Java SE Development Kit 8u211) Nothing is working
  12. Hey mate I sent you a pm regarding this.
  13. Hi I'm having issues running looking glass; I tried downloading the JDK in the guide thread by YoHoJo, but it redirects me to an oracle page where I have to create an account (assuming this is for businesses). I then downloaded JDK 11 and tribot won't even run with it. Which JDK do I download? I could really use some help.
  14. Hey I would like to start botting again - VIP-E style. I've seen some people say skills like hunter, agility, fishing and woodcutting are skills that are the most banned; I know every skill is in theory. In practice however, are there skills being less banned (more successfully botted)? I'm a level 3 right now as well, if that provides any context. Thanks!
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