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  1. swapped about 2.5b rs3 so far with zed_rs always the best rates and great service. Good person to swap with. Also allows increments 

  2. have fun getting staker accounts banned more than you can make them
  3. Dat one feedback though... *sigh*
  4. I just bought VIP-E+ for user "190" congratz on your free month bud...
  5. Is there a client starter which opens multiple bots at once with different linked proxies depending on the settings/inputs you give to it?
  6. Would pay well for a private rock crab script - would need bank support with potions and food, and must be able to reset aggro. Progressive would also be nice. Skype: PM
  7. Bought 38 Credits! Thanks Arctic!! I am sure I will need more soon.
  8. http://gyazo.com/9ae0d44c73f95a3e332f8306fd2d0985 No matter what I do I get this error
  9. guys im sure its just resizeable, i cant do tutorial. Im sure they will update it.
  10. not a phisher lmao
  11. nope not for a website
  12. Hi thank you all very much for reading this and attempting to help me, i will explain my problem. I am using a Tribot script to auto talk , and when i set this up the accounts get muted in about 5 minutes , no matter how many more accounts i make and put up they get muted very fast, so anybody who is experienced with how to not get accounts muted can you please tell me what im doing wrong? I will explain what i do: 1. Create the account on Oldschool website 2. Log into it and do tutorial bot 3. After tutorial completed, start auto talker script and spam. After i do those 3 steps, the account gets muted usually in about 5 minutes, sometimes even quicker. Yet when i have my friends set up the accounts they can go for hours or sometimes even over a day before getting muted, so is their something im doing wrong? At first i thought maybe it was the ip, so i got that changed. Didnt help at all, changed it again and nothing seemed to help. Now before you say ' well its cause your spamming ingame' yes i understand that can result in mutes, but i dont think they would be getting instantly muted while my friends run all the time no problems, and he doesn't do anything different than i do. If any of you know any advice or help on how to prevent this from happening please let me know. Would be highly appreciated
  13. I haven't experimented alot with Tribot but advertising bots get screwed more often than a hooker outside of a gas station. I haven't noticed any of bans on private scripts that I have been using
  14. Thanks for letting this script out there!!!!!!!!