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  1. LOL! WHY ON EARTH would anybody release this script for free?
  2. Would never sell for this little, you'd make your investment back in 4 hours. More worth it for me to use on my own and not sell. What forum? Sythe... No I am not reselling.
  3. Only summer is implemented right now (most profitable).
  4. Clearly says in the original post that proof was going to be added shortly.
  5. Thanks! But should be a lot higher considering you make 1M in an hour
  6. What securities do I have that you will not turn around and sell yourself as you are also selling some premium scripts. If a moderator or someone would like to verify they can do so.
  7. That's right everyone! I finally finished my Sorceress Garden script and have decided to sell a maximum of 5 copies! What the script does: Picks herbs in the Summer Garden for massive profit! Will bank when inventory is full and has great detection inside the garden. Requirements: 65 Thieving Completion of Prince Ali Rescue quest Cost: The cost will be left to everyone here. The top 5 bidders after 4 days pass will win a copy. Proof: Will be uploading some videos soon If you have any questions, comments or concerns please feel free to leave a reply here, PM me or add my skype at: [email protected]
  8. I am interested in purchasing. What are your contact details?
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