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  1. This website has been under maintaince ever since I have tried to use it. Would be nice to let us know what we can expect from this website in the future.
  2. Who here has alot of hours ran with this script and knows how long accounts last on avarage before perm
  3. anything happend with this request?
  4. Does this work?
  5. I want to purchase and need to buy credits, what is the best and quickest way to buy them with 07 gp?
  6. Can I make it so it only cast the weakening spell i.e. confuse/stun etc? Instead of alching aswell, would appriciate a quick reply! <3
  7. haven't been able to use this script for ages, I launch it and it does nothing or is simply very very very slow as in it clicks once and takes few minutes break. Wtf do I do? I just need 5 att levels ffs
  8. Whenever i try to debug inventory my client freezes. I havent been able to bot for the past few tries. Whats the problem?
  9. you posting just to post or what? This seems like the most obvious answer you can possibly give. Not to be rude but if you have nothing useful to say then don't say anything.
  10. Hi guys, So today I tried to launch my bot for the first time in months. I tried to debug inventory and my client started lagging/freezing and not responding to clicks. I turned it off and it was a bit less until I entered NMZ again where it froze on me completely. Does anyone know what the problem is? I never experienced this kind of lag on the client before.
  11. Can anyone give me an up to date indicator of profit per hour? And ban rate.
  12. Can anyone give me an up to date profit indicator and tell me how high the ban rate is for this script?
  13. Thanks very much just bought 7 credits off of Chris, quick and smooth transaction.
  14. Quickrsgp is down every other day, literally. And Yoho is offline atm. Thanks for the tips tho appreciate it.