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  1. H22A4

    Auto Wintertodt Pro

    Will try it out now, thanks!
  2. H22A4

    Login Script is not working

    Its been like that for months.
  3. Does this support hunter potions for a +3 boost?
  4. H22A4

    Auto Wintertodt Pro

    Ive tried jugs of wine , cake , salmon and trout without success. Every time i try, it completes 3 games exactly than stands at bank giving a different status' each time. Ive made it to 95 fm so far without issue, only started after most recent rs update.
  5. H22A4

    Auto Wintertodt Pro

    Still having the same issue.
  6. H22A4

    Auto Wintertodt Pro

    Tribot was updated yesterday but for me the bot still stands at bank with the status "dropping junk" or "healing" after completing a few successful rounds.
  7. H22A4

    TRiBot Release 9.400_2

    Looking glass is now a black screen for me after this update. Ive deleted and re installed tribot, osbuddy and java, Still the same issue.
  8. H22A4

    auto login broken

    Same thing happens to me, Havent been able to use breaks for a long time.
  9. Whenever my client tries to log back in after a break it does not delete the first 2 characters and re types username wrong failing to log back in 99% of the time. Any ideas?
  10. H22A4

    Auto Favour Pro Development

    Can i also be added please?
  11. Will fletch a few inventorys of logs then say its out of supplies when trying to bank. Trying to fletch maple longs.
  12. Does this use phials to un note in rimington?