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  1. Will fletch a few inventorys of logs then say its out of supplies when trying to bank. Trying to fletch maple longs.
  2. Does this use phials to un note in rimington?
  3. H22A4

    Auto Tithe Farm Pro

    Trial ran perfect, If only there was a 2 week auth.
  4. H22A4

    [ABCL 10] [ABC2] aAgility v2 [ALL ROOFTOPS]

    Can you add fletching if possible?
  5. Cant seem to get it to click the ore veins in motherload mine. Tried a few different options.
  6. Can this use digsite pendant to teleport?
  7. H22A4

    [Free][Open Source] nCastle Wars

    Any chance of adding bolt enchanting to this? Only thing i know that you can do inside cwars.
  8. H22A4

    WB Farmer BETA

    Hows this coming along?
  9. H22A4

    [OPEN SOURCE] Caged Ogres v1 (55k - 75k xp/h)

    Can you make it so it re loads cannon not as often? Reloads 3-5 at a time for me.
  10. H22A4

    [OPEN SOURCE] Caged Ogres v1 (55k - 75k xp/h)

    Has anyone used this recently?