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    [ R ]

    dWalker is a working webwalker script, it supports all locations that are supported by Dax's WebWalker
  2. Ah damn I'll be continuing development and implementing many customization for antiban options as the script progresses
  3. Gods Runecrafter The aim of this script at the moment and for initial release is for Abyss only, no other crafting method will be included I am releasing this script as an open beta for further testing as I develop and add additional features into the script, I will keep this beta open for at least 1-2 weeks while I gather data, feedback and implement/test new features. I'm open to any suggestions to features/additions you'd like to see added, and if I think they would make a good addition, I will add them. The script is currently in a fully functional state but you should babysit it as it is technically still in the beta phase and/or not run it on an account you care about. It currently does implement ABC2 however it does not have much additional anti-ban options yet. Post progress reports, feedback, suggestions ONLY LUMBRIDGE DEATH SPAWN IS SUPPORTED AT THE MOMENT, YOU NEED TO SWITCH YOUR SPAWN TO LUMBRIDGE IF IT IS SET TO SOMEWHERE ELSE. IT IS FREE TO DO SO AT SIR TAFFY IN FALADOR PARK. Current Features: Amulet of glory teleport Edgeville banking Automatic pouch upgrading as you level (Provided they are in the bank) Pouch repairing at the Mage in Abyss. Support for Mining/Agility or Woodcutting/Agility obstacles. Anti-Pk Death-walk support (Only supports Bronze pickaxe for death-walk) Option to bring 1 food with you at all times. Option to bring stamina with you at all times. The following runes are supported at the moment Earth Rune Fire Rune Cosmic Rune Chaos rune Nature rune Currently all other tabs in the GUI are disabled but all the tab titles are planned features and will be unlocked as the beta continues The planned feature order is as follows: Progressive Restocker Other Settings Included in Other Settings are features such as Various anti-ban options to choose from Different teleport options (House tab/glory) Options to use Clan Wars banking and portal to save money on staminas And more Muling Muling will be completed and added last after everything else is implemented smoothly Save/Loading is completed (I might implement it sooner but it is lower priority at the moment) Your last settings you used will always be saved and loaded when you start the script. Automatic Pouch Grabbing option in GUI (No particular order) The Automatic Pouch Grabbing option will be for getting all 4 pouches in the abyss by killing the abyssal leeches, it will be ran separate from the other features in this script at the moment. NOTE: Death-walk is supported but it does not attempt to get pouches again if you die. How to run the script: The following is for the time of this thread release, I will update it as the beta/script expands. Start at Edgeville bank, you can have pouches in inventory or in bank. You should keep multiple bronze pickaxes in bank in the even of death Recommend manually hiding attack options on players and NPCs to prevent any inefficiencies. You will need the following items in bank: Charged glories (Eternal not supported) Pure essence (Regular essence not supported) Stamina potions (If you are using them) Food of choice Multiple Bronze pickaxes for death-walking (Currently enabled by default) Rune ess pouches (If you'd like to use them) Skill recommendations: 9+ RC (You get this from the Abyss miniquest which is required for Abyss crafting) 40+ Defense 35+ Hitpoints 40+ Agility/Mining or Woodcutting (Woodcutting is much less efficient and will result in lower GP/hr) Progress reports Known issues: ONLY LUMBRIDGE DEATH SPAWN IS SUPPORTED AT THE MOMENT, YOU NEED TO SWITCH YOUR SPAWN TO LUMBRIDGE IF IT IS SET TO SOMEWHERE ELSE
  4. godspower33

    Gods Air Orb Charger [ABC2] [250-400k+/hr]

    Actually the script only has 6 users or less because air orbs is a Niche method and not a highly gold farmed method anymore, it used to be a few years ago. However if you know how to bot, you can make accounts survive on any method. I don't personally run this method anymore because there are much better ones available but I can run it and have my account last minimum one week of botting every day.
  5. Gods Charger GET IT HERE Features: Profits anywhere from 250k-400k+ per hour depending on current prices. Anti-pk. Charges air orbs. Ends script when out of supplies. Death-walk. Changes worlds on death. Accurate counting and profit (Based off OSBuddy values) Script Argument support. Stable over long periods of run times. Supports breaking, will teleport to bank and log out. Script will bring 1 food with you by default to eat if necessary. How to use: Either fill out the Script Args (For how to use them look below) or Fill out the prompts. Have a staff of air equipped Have all items near the top of the bank (Cosmics, Unpowered Orbs, Glories, Staminas, Staffs of air) Script does not support Eternal glory. Start in Edgeville bank (Can be started anywhere as long as you have a glory equipped) Check out the tips below. How to use Script Arguments: Arguments: "foodName" - Type the name of the food you want to use (Case sensitive), "eatAt" - The HP percentage you would like to eat at. You will type it without the parenthesis as shown below. Example argument: foodName:Tuna;eatAt:60; 1. Choose my script. 2. Enter your information here. Recommended Stats: (I normally run this script on accounts with 66 magic and 25+ hp, usually level 1 defense) 66 Mage 25+ Hitpoints 30+ Defence Tips on usage: Progress reports: Click here to see it in action, 50 minutes of run time unedited Change log
  6. Gods Revenants - TRiBot's best Revenant script! View the new high scores here Revenant High Score Table After a small open beta that saw over 1B in profits from this script, it is ready for a full release. This script is capable of killing any revenants you would like inside the revenant cave in any location that is offered by the GUI. All major bugs have been eliminated, there may be a few minor bugs that I could have missed. Report it using the format at the bottom of the thread and I will swiftly fix any bugs that pop up. Features: Traveling methods (Currently only one supported) Burning amulet to lava maze (41 wilderness) Craw's Bow support If the Craw bow is empty and uncharged it will charge it with 1250 Revenant Ether If the Craw bow is charged with 1k Ether, it will add 250 more Ether You lose all Ether on death with Salve amulet support Supports all salve amulets (normal, i, ei) Only supported by Clan Wars banking. You must use Rings of Wealth instead of Glory's as this is the fastest way to teleport out while using salve amulet. Special attack support Supports only blowpipe at the moment but any requested special attack can and will be added. Equipment recharging Blowpipe recharging. Bracelet of ETH recharging (150 Ether per charge) Custom Revenant selection Select the Revenants in the order you'd like them to be prioritized. Custom Revenant HP % to attack above This option means, we will only attack Revenants above the health % entered into the GUI (Ex. 35) Banking Edgeville. Clan Wars. Death-walk Currently only supports Lumbridge death spawn (It is free to change it to/from this location) Custom inventory value to bank at (Does not count supplies in calculations) Advanced Anti-Pk If you are inside your selected Revenant area, and you are not in combat. We will attempt to hop worlds using the ingame world hopper, if we are in combat, we will run to level 30 wilderness and teleport out. All bow/ammo combination support If you wish to use ammo, you must be logged in while starting the script to avoid any potential bugs. Prayer Blessings are not supported Prayer support Highly recommended to use Eagle Eye if you're using ranged for better chance at kills! Supports all prayers. Will activate protect from magic if you are walking to the Revenant cave and a Green Dragon gets too close! Clan Wars portal support only if Clan Wars banking is selected We will use the portal only if you are using prayer and you have below half prayer points left. Custom world hopper support You can enter in any worlds you'd like to hop too if you don't want to use the default world selection. You must enter it in the format 3,5,8,10 with no spaces between the worlds and using commas. Supports all potion types Gear selection and saving. GUI saving & loading. The script will end when you are out of the following Any item in your gear set. Your selected food. If you're using blowpipe, and out of scales/darts. Bracelets of Ethereum. Revenant Ether. Burning Amulets. Glories or Rings of Wealths (Depending on your selected options) Rings of dueling. It will print out whatever gear you're missing in the Client Debug. Custom Navigation under Travel tab in GUI - This option will use custom randomized paths to navigate the wilderness to get to Revenant caves, and will only use Dax WebWalker outside of the wilderness. Plenty of various options and anti-ban offered in the GUI! When selecting an area, you can choose all the revenants if you'd like however it will only attack the ones available inside your area. Whole cave: All revenants Upper cave: Ork, Hellhound, Dragon, Knight, Imp, Goblin, Pyrefiend Lower cave: Hobgoblin, Ork, Cyclopse, Pyrefiend, Dark Beast Middle cave: Demon, Ork, Dragon, Knight, Hellhound, Pyrefiend Left cave: Demon, Ork, Imp, Goblin, Hellhound, Pyrefiend Right cave: Demon, Knight, Hellhound, Pyrefiend, Imp Planned Features: Improved anti-pk (Forever ongoing) NOTE: The following features/options on the GUI are not yet supported. Agility shortcut ( I do not have an account with high enough agility to add support for this yet ) Stopping after condition support ( This option will become available soon™ ) How to run the script: You should change your "Mouse Speed Variance Limiter" setting in your TRiBot client to 0 if it is not at 0. This will ensure the mouse speed will not be restricted as it increases when trying to escape a pker You can find this settings on the TRiBot client by clicking File -> Settings. You should start the script at your selected bank for no chance of errors on start. You need to set your gear using the GUI, if you are using ammo instead of a blowpipe, you must login when setting the gear for the script to grab your ammo successfully. You should have your blowpipe charged with enough ammo and scales to last a long time, if blowpipe recharging is selected make sure you have your selected ammo type in bank along with scales. Highly recommended to start the script at your selected bank, the script loads all the prices for the loot and it takes ~20-30 seconds to do so. You should manually hide attack options on players so you don't accidentally skull and lose your gear. You should also right click on your bracelet of Ethereum and toggle automatic absorption This will ensure your bracelet stays charged and reduce the time needed to be spent traveling to bank to recharge the amulet You only need to do this one time per account, it is always saved in-game. You need the following items in bank: Charged glories (Eternal not supported) Charged or Uncharged Bracelets of Ethereum Revenant Ether if you plan on recharging bracelets, 150 Ether per recharge Dueling rings ( If you are banking at clan wars) Burning amulets Food of choice Potions of choice Stamina potions if you plan on using those (Useful for keeping run energy high, if you are using melee it will drink them while in cave running around, however if your using ranged it will only drink one sip before running to cave) Multiple sets of your gear for when/if you die. If you are using Salve amulet, you MUST have Rings of Wealths in your bank, as this ring will replace glories as your method of escape/banking. You also need rings of dueling as is required for clan wars banking. An example ranged gear set up would look like this Skill recommendations: Range builds: 75+ Range (use blowpipe) 40+ Defense Melee builds: 70+ Attack, Strength 40+ Defense This script can be ran with any defense level as with bracelet of ethereums you do not get damaged nearly at all. Defense mainly helps with being able to equip gear that will provide higher bonus's. SPECIAL NOTES ABOUT SCRIPT: Progress reports Known issues: Pricing: 1 Auth | 10 credits for two weeks 1 Auth | 16 credits for one month 2 Auth | 28 credits for one month 5 Auth | 50 credits for one month 10 Auth | 85 credits for one month 15 Auth | 110 credits for one month 25 Auth | 140 credits for one month Purchase it here To get your own Dynamic Signature: Copy and paste this link into your signature, under "insert other media" then click "Insert Image from url" http://www.godscripting.com/godsrevs/output.php?username=YOUR_USERNAME_HERE For Example http://www.godscripting.com/godsrevs/output.php?username=All Users Bug Report format:
  7. Sadly ban rate isn't something that can be measured really well. Its different for everyone but I regularly have accounts that last weeks. So it is withdrawing arrows but not equipping them? I'd highly recommend a Avas since you'll save alot of money on ammo also a Blowpipe is the best for Revs, assuming you have 75+ range.
  8. Hi, it supports prayer, you just have to select it on the GUI
  9. godspower33

    Gods Air Orb Charger [ABC2] [250-400k+/hr]

    That's good At the moment though mounted glory in house isn't a supported option, I can look into adding it but I don't have an eta on it. Aw, that's unfortunate Air orbs is a high ban rate method usually. I don't think theres such a thing as a "HOT" IP though, I've been using the same proxies for 6 months and have had many accounts banned on them. That seems like the walker was having issues, I wonder if you were in resizeable mode or something. I might look into rewriting this script with a GUI & a bunch of options in the next few weeks though.
  10. godspower33

    Gods Air Orb Charger [ABC2] [250-400k+/hr]

    It shouldn't click the same spot but I can make sure it randomizes it, there is no setting as far as i'm aware to check that the option for hitting esc is enabled so atm it just closes using the X. I can also check to see how it handles running from bank and maybe have it sometimes click minimap instead of always closing.
  11. godspower33

    Gods Air Orb Charger [ABC2] [250-400k+/hr]

    I just mean the side-panels. I never use those, these are my resizeable settings. (Normally I have the transparent chatbox on but this is on my mule)
  12. godspower33

    Gods Air Orb Charger [ABC2] [250-400k+/hr]

    Hey, Pk detection should be working, I'm running the same detection on my Revenant script, can you try deleting hooks.dat and restarting the client to login screen then closing the client and doing it again just to be sure. It must've been a ABC2 fkeys thing, I've never personally used the resizeable tabs mode. I always keep the full skills/inventory tab display up. If you're still encountering issues after restarting please let me know so I can try to replicate some of the bugs you're experiencing.
  13. Yeah I can fix the eating bug, I don't run into it with wines. For the other two options, those are planned to be put in the "Other settings" tab on the GUI. I'm going to have plenty of options in there such as clan wars banking, shift clicking, house glory, etc. After a bit more of testing, I am going to implement restocking next.
  14. imo, the best set up is using range. Either with Craw if you would like too, but I personally always use blowpipe, it profits a little less than Craw bow but you don't lose 1k+ Ether every time you die which is a plus. You should get salve (ei) and a blowpipe would probably be the best set up.
  15. Try the following and let me know if this works for you Turn off auto collection of steel arrows in your Avas if it is on Set your Bank @ value at something above 0 (must be in format 50000, not 50k for example) Are you using blowpipe or bow & arrows?
  16. V0.7 Some anti-pk improvements Navigation improvements in abyss
  17. Hey, can you please elaborate more about the bug or fill out a bug report? Fill out a bug report please
  18. No, but profit/hr would be lower at lower range levels regardless of weapon. I start all my accounts at 75 range using blowpipe and profit fine, the main thing is you would want salve (i) or (ei)
  19. godspower33

    Perma Ban using FTWfishing scritp

    Before you tried botting you should've realized the inherent risks of botting. I'm assuming this is your first time botting, which is unfortunate, you ran a bot on a account you care about and got banned. It happens, no one on this website is claiming you can get away with botting forever but you should've used @Encoded fisher instead, I've gotten many 99s from it on various accounts.
  20. godspower33

    Vorkath killer

    Sadly you won't see this as a premium script most likely due to the high reqs and a private version of this would cost quite a bit, depending on who wrote it, upwards of $1-3k
  21. godspower33

    Is it possible to change your tribot username?

    Yeah probably need Fluffee, you activated them via the repository right, not through locally like he gave you the files of the script?
  22. godspower33

    Is it possible to change your tribot username?

    You can't do that still, Donation center has been disabled for a long time now
  23. Is your bank at value above 0? It must be in the format "50000" instead of "50k" Manta Rays are not supported as food if you are trying to use those.
  24. Atm it does use F-keys, based on ABC2 though. I can look into adding gear detection but last time I tried it, it was not very helpful since some pker wear rev killer gear. I reverted the update
  25. Haha, mine is most likely only going to be Abyss. I think Encoded is doing everything except Abyss