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  1. Yes, this is technically possible with the "Ignore pkers" option however it will not react to any pkers at all and continue to kill and loot. I haven't personally tried it myself but I have added the feature incase someone does want too.
  2. The @TheNoobish is purposefully is trying to be misleading about the contact and response date. As shown in this picture, he contacted me on tribot PMs on Thursday 5/21, and then contacted me on discord right after where I promptly responded. I asked him multiple times to send me data I need to figure out what is going wrong however he was completely unwilling and only wanted a refund.
  3. Hi, please fill out a bug report in the format I provide on the original post or contact me on discord/pm with the same information and I can see what is going on. It might be a user error or a GUI settings issue.
  4. Hi, thanks for the feed back. There is not really any reliable way to tell the difference between pkers and non pkers whom are skulled sadly. I used to try detecting gear for anti-pk as well but in the Revenant cave, pkers have caught on to this and will wear "revenant killing gear" to trick people/bots into thinking they are not pkers then kill you. World hopping/running from pkers is the safest way to avoid dying otherwise deaths/hr would possibly be much higher. I can look into adjusting the anti-pk a little bit, it fills up to 150 on death, but it recharges to 75, I can probably change this to 75 on death as well. I believe it was originally 150 because deaths were so infrequent that you'd run out of ether and have to recharge more
  5. What food are you using? I need more information to be able to determine what the cause of the bug is. Are you using LG? Unfortunately Mondays are the typical ban day for runescape bots. There isn't much you can do to save a account from staying banned which is why you shouldn't bot on an account you care about however you can try appealing it here https://support.runescape.com/hc/en-gb/articles/360000867958-Appeal-a-ban
  6. Hi, I am not sure if I responded to you on discord since I don't know your Tag but yes this has a option to ignore pkers where it will not acknowledge them at all which also means it won't run when attacked by a player though. I believe I replied via PM or discord to Ryigby however the issue is sometimes a loading issue with the GUI settings. To solve this, please navigate to the .tribot folder and delete godsrevs folder and run the script again (Never use "Re-run script") Then fill out the GUI again as normal. Please make sure you are not doing any of the following items as it will cause issues with the script running properly. https://gyazo.com/d28652f5bcdf31d89f29a4bd33dc745e
  7. Hi, it is not supposed to eat when being attacked by pkers. It will only eat in rare instances, its first priority is to escape from pkers via world hopping or running south. If the account gets TB'd then it will just die and regear, since it is much faster than trying to out eat pkers or outrun them.
  8. Hi, have you tried deleting hooks.dat, jagex cache and restarted the client two times? Also make sure you do not have roofs enabled. The script is fully functional, I am running it now without issues
  9. Unfortunately it is the weekend when you were running the script and I had been responsive, I just hadn't responded in the past 12 hours. You never sent me a proper bug report which is what I require so I can fix any potential bugs. I cannot tell what is wrong with the script without you showing me. What is causing the higher than normal deaths is most likely user error (from what you did send me was a picture of a proggy and I noticed you have roofs on so there may be other settings ingame or on the gui not set properly)
  10. Unfortunately this is not the scripts fault. There is a massive influx of players and that means pkers due to the current pandemic. There is a insane amount of pkers at the caves, if it is not avoiding pkers then that would be a bug that needs to be addressed. I'm sorry you lost two blowpipes, I mention on the original post advice on how to run the script. You should be turning off your player attack options as well as turning off auto retaliation to avoid skull tricking
  11. Hi, thank you At the moment there is a large amount of pkers in the caves, this is sadly due to the following reasons most likely 1) Due to the world wide health issue, everyone is home and online playing 2) The removal of Bounty Hunter worlds means more pkers in the caves as well due to it being a large pk hotspot. As for recommendations, I would say to use an account with Blowpipe with addy darts, salve (i) amulet and 80+ range in the Southern part of the cave using spawn tracking. Also I would put banking at 90-140k
  12. If you are not doing any of the above, please let me know in PMs or Discord so you can send pictures of your gui so I can help you resolve the issue
  13. His posts are not fake. I checked the purchase logs and he has purchased the script multiple times.
  14. You are incorrect, every premium scripter requires you to provide a bug report to fix a bug. You did not provide a bug report, any pictures, debugs, anything. Just a angry description of a bug that may not even be a bug but a user issue. The bug report format does not take a long time to fill out, and it helps me fix and identify anything. Also salve (i) has ALWAYS been +15% ranged bonus, they never changed it, normal salve is melee only and salve (ei) is +20% dmg to range/mage/melee versus +15% from salve (i)
  15. If you want me to understand what is going on or help you in any way, you need to report the bugs using the bug report format on the original post. The script is running fine, I have users running it for 40-70 hours at a time. As I mention in the OP deaths are typically 0-2/hour, also 81 range is kind of low there at the moment. With the proper settings, I can make 600k-1m/hr with 80 range and salve (i).
  16. Hi, are you using LG? What exactly is happening, is it getting TB'd and trying to hop worlds or is it just afking when a pker shows up? I need to know specifics so I can update it if necessary, as far as I know it is running just as intended
  17. Hi, I have not recieved any PMs or messages on discord regarding the issues. I did see your post on my thread however it did not follow my bug report format which I require for efficient bug fixes. This is the bug report format If you'd prefer more privacy, you can PM me on TRiBot forums or message me on discord godspower33#8539 Description of bug: LG (Yes/No): Resize (Yes/no): Pictures of gear equipped: Pictures of inventory: Pictures of screen and/or status: GUI settings (you can just list these or leave blank and I will ask about your settings when I contact you) From your post it appears that you using LG which can slow down response time to pkers. The script hops to a random world when it detects a pker so that means that it has the possibility to hop to a world that a pker is already on, it cannot predict which worlds will have a pker on it. I am going to need a bug report on this issue to determine what is happening exactly when it ends as you mention. I am not fully understanding the last part of the sentence, are you saying the bot stood still doing nothing or it was standing still trying to world hop when a pker was nearby?
  18. There is realistically only one spot that a bot with lvl 13 magic could use and it is the first spot right by the gate since you now need dragon slayer started to wear a anti-fire shield. If the account is like 30hp+ it could survive a melee hit running to the other spots but if it gets hit by fire one time it would die most likely. Unless you use protect from magic prayer or anti fire potions
  19. I'm going to need you to fill out a bug report format and PM me it here on tribot or on discord. It is the weekend which used to just mean increased pkers however now that they have recently removed Bounty Hunter worlds, there is probably double the pkers as before. The anti-pk should always try to hop if it is not in combat first, if it is in combat it'll try to run south and teleport out
  20. Yeah, Avas is highly recommended because it saves profit. I use addy darts when running this script, other people may use different darts though. What do you mean it constantly clicks the logout X button then spec bar? I'm not sure I understand
  21. Do you have your camera zoom locked? That would prevent that issue from happening, I might push a update to lock the camera zoom so it can't go in/out if it isn't already locked.
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