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Everything posted by godspower33

  1. with no vip?
  2. why are you continuing to come on tribot if you no longer use it and think other places are better?
  3. so end of what summer is it when the new updates are released?
  4. if you bot zulrah, you will get banned fast bottom line
  5. http://2007.runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Motherlode_Mine
  6. still been nearly one month and no compensation has been given out @TRiLeZ
  7. Inb4 takes as long as combat hook update
  8. Yes, f2p has been hit hard with bans lately, not sure why they are rising so drastically though since I know people who bring in a lot of these resources per day.
  9. Fastest magic xp is Ice barraging in mm2 tunnels in max mage bonus, no public script available. Bottable magic xp, probably stun/alch
  10. yeah, a dispute is more effective than posting in the general section.
  11. open a dispute against trilez tbh, been 3 weeks or so now
  12. Nice release, however you should post long proggies you achieved with the script as proof of your claims. Also just to let you know, and not to insult, weath is on vacation and has been past week, so even a bad script could go unbanned for days suiciding.
  13. Gz! Eating like a king, a 20 piece meal, you lucky bastard.
  14. We don't have "enough premium scripters" More than half are inactive, if you look at @Sphiinx list of scripters which shows them all, more than half the scripters on the list and probably actually half the people on the entire list are very inactive, yet they still retain their premium scripter ranks, and no new unique scripts come about on tribot at all which is up to the scripters I know, but when there are the same premium scripters as there were in 2013/14 when standards and botting methods were very different, they don't release any new scripts. I know Tribot is still one of the best clients, some others are catching up though. Other clients have some unique scripts like barrows, fire cape, questers with 40+ quests, etc. From what I understand, the process to get a premium script approved takes quite a long time which probably discourages scripters from putting out new ones. Also our webwalker.
  15. Nope, weath is on vacation but could return at any time.
  16. Pretty sure you can upgrade to vip-e for an additional 2$ on the page somewhere where you buy vip
  17. Did you keep your mule on the same IP address as accounts you bot? If so then you got banned by chain ban. As you are not VIP-E it appears this is the case. I still have mules get banned even when I keep them on separate IPs. It happens sometimes when your mule trades a lot of bots. This is why you need proxies. Also you should invest in a secondary mule that only trades your primary mule and no other accounts. Keep the secondary mule on a separate IP from your primary mule and bots and you will be fine, your secondary mule will not get banned and you should be able to safely store your gp on it.
  18. check my account too @TRiLeZ I don't think I got VIP
  19. When are we getting our compensation from like two weeks ago? @TRiLeZ
  20. No and yes. No because you are botting, and if caught will be banned. Yes because like @Adventure_Time pointed out, if the script gets stuck somewhere, you can fix it right away thus reducing ban chance, otherwise you would've been stuck idling or something for hours.
  21. How lol, I can't train any accs agility like 50+ even with breaks/lg
  22. WebWalking updates in 2016 LUL
  23. I'm pretty positive, that when you bot on a flagged proxy (an account that is already through tutorial island) You won't get instantly banned but you will most likely have bot-watch watching you closely. I can't say for certain because no one but jagex knows. I do know that flagged IP's stop all accounts at tutorial island mostly, as this cuts them out of the game before they can even get to gold-farming.
  24. Usernames and passwords are stored locally, aka on your computer only. It doesn't get sent to the server, and even if it did. Trilez is the only person who has access to information on the tribot servers, and he barely even comes on the forums so him hacking you for 2.5m? not likely. He makes a good bit off the bot by doing nothing.
  25. No that isn't a factor. I used to do that for a long time, I would make accounts like [email protected] all the way to [email protected] and nothing happened. I am literally telling you, it is the PROXY that you are using.