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  1. Hey, can you message me on discord or PM. I wanna find out exactly how you're getting PKed if you happen to know or what not so I can improve the anti-pk but the death walk will be added within the week
  2. godspower33

    [P] Full Nieve Slayer

    Depends on what you want, you need to be more specific, since you didn't provide specifics, people can't give you a estimate, full everything supported by nieve + other features that you'd probably need would probably run you a bit, $1k+? Depends on the scripter and if theres a premium scripter who wants to write this.
  3. godspower33

    [ABCL] [Low reqs] Gods Tab Maker [Up to 300k/hr]

    Let me know if it works out or if you run into anymore bugs
  4. I'll add it to the possible updates but at the time of release this was intended to be mostly abyss rc. I think @Encoded is releasing a runecrafter that might support that.
  5. Hey, I answered your PM it sounds like you filled out the gui wrong
  6. Ah, I see. I believe there are not indeed false alarms. I made the script spit out extra comments just to be able to tell what was going on with the anti-pk detection at the time. It may have detected a pker that was not on screen or visible but was in combat so it couldn't hop worlds so it safe-tele'd out and once it does, it will detect no pkers since it isn't in wilderness anymore and say "false alarm" then continue the script. However it will also stop trying to avoid pkers if you are say in the north of the cave and there is a skulled player in your bracket and you go to run south to teleport out but he doesn't follow you then it will be a false alarm and continue killing Revs until he comes back in view.
  7. What do you mean reducing false alarms? 75 Ether is probably the lowest amount you can get away with doing
  8. godspower33

    [ABCL] [Low reqs] Gods Tab Maker [Up to 300k/hr]

    You need to have one piece of noted clay or unnoted clay in the hosts inventory I believe, I meant to change that a while ago
  9. godspower33

    [P] Script with source code

    Hey, I just wanted to let you know, I'm not sure if any scripter would part with the source code sadly A lot of us scripters have a lot of our own API we use and don't want to give it out.
  10. Do you have all 4 pouches or all pouches that you can use up to your runecrafting level?
  11. Yes it does support mouse only camera movement.
  12. Have you tried deleting hooks.dat and restarting the client to login screen then closing the client then doing it two more times? The script is currently working properly for myself and others, it could be a hooks related issue if not, please message me on discord if you use discord, if not pm or post here
  13. Can you fill out bug report so I can know what is going on, it is most likely a GUI or user error, the script is fully functional, I'm currently running it myself. Or message me on discord
  14. godspower33

    Small gold farm still possible? Been away over a year

    Yes it is still completely possible. Ban rates are higher than they were so you have to figure out how to avoid bans and make a profit but a lot of people still make a lot of money from gold farms
  15. godspower33

    Tips for a new scripter

    My recommendations would be 1) Know Java 2) Look at open source scripts/scripting tutorials. 3) Just start writing anything and everything, write a powerfisher, write a fisher with banking, write a woodcutter (power woodcutting), etc, just start writing scripts to get used to TRiBots API and go from there and then start writing more advanced scripts. Writing a slayer script is a decent undertaking, theres been a few attempts here to get a premium slayer script out but all have not come to fruition. I have a personal slayer script that I originally intended on releasing but in the end kept it private for gold farming reasons. Quest scripts are annoying to write (for most people) but try writing easy ones to get the feeling of it, such as like some free to play ones. You can write scripts in any manner you want, using a Node based framework, using one class with a ton of if statements, or switches. The structure of the script doesn't affect the efficiency too much, but it does affect your codes readability and ease to identify bugs and/or add features to the script.