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  1. Sorry, tatata is right, I don't have plans atm to add a restocker.
  2. No updates yet, I had exams this past week so I am just about to free up and I can try looking into having it use msb while walking and possibly taking gear off and regearing when you get to cave.
  3. Oh okay well that's good, did you need to recharge blowpipe on those accounts at all overnight? It looks like recharging blowpipe triggered it for some reason, daxwalker took a weird path
  4. I believe it was just a update for DMM, not sure about the deaths, bad luck maybe. I just started my tribot clients 2x and they are working fine for me. Did you restart 2x since the runescape update today? There was one this morning that could have messed with hooks/data.
  5. I replied to your PM, you need to send me the client debug logs and/or pictures of where the client is when you end the script for me to help you. Are you using Manta Rays for food? Those food are not supported. Are you entering 250k for bank threshhold instead of "250000"? You need to enter "250000"
  6. Why would you wait two weeks before contacting me for help or posting on the thread? I need more information that. I have a bug report format on the first page or you can PM me pictures of your GUI settings.
  7. Try navigating to .tribot folder and deleting godsrevs and restarting the script, make sure the firewall is off. My GUI won't work on Mac OS if you don't have firewalls disabled. Eh yeah pretty bad but I guess it'll do.
  8. The trial version and the paid version are the exact same, what Operating System are you using?
  9. What OS are you using? Does this happen with all scripts or just mine? I recommend turning off tribot firewall in File -> Settings
  10. I've mentioned it to you a few times and many other times in the thread. That bug you're receiving is because of dax webwalker. I am completely unable to do anything about it short of removing daxs webwalker completely from my script and implementing custom navigation via hard coded paths. It isn't ideal. I have messaged Dax many times before and he said I need to wait for a new walker engine to resolve this issue. I had custom navigation implemented in the early stages of this script before I added in dax walker and the script became much more stable/better at navigating when I implemented Daxs walker. I can try to add my custom navigation on my local version to test it out sometime over the new few days because I am going to be busy with exams but it might have its own set of problems. To confirm it is the webwalker bug, you need to get stack traces as well.
  11. You need to update the script. Restart the script via "Start script" I just pushed a update that fixed it not running away from pkers a few minutes ago
  12. It's updated. I just ran a quick test, it runs to cave normally and avoids pkers. I haven't gotten to test if it tele's out at inv value yet, still waiting for it to get some drops.
  13. Yes, I can add try adding it in, but it will require having multiple MSBs in bank and it would end script when no more. I will see if I can do it this weekend, final exams are starting for me now. Also hovering over teleport would be good but you'd have to teleport every time instead of hopping when you're able too.
  14. godspower33

    [ABCL] [Low reqs] Gods Tab Maker [Up to 300k/hr]

    This has been implemented already, after around 7 failed attempts it will end script. Please let me know if it isn't working properly.
  15. That is the walker bug as I've mentioned many times before I am unable to do anything about it, only Dax can. I just sent him another message but last time he said I'd need to wait for new walker engine to resolve it.