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  1. I'm aware that is what the support ranks are here for, however as i've said there is no active posting which leads to people thinking the worst. Trilez posting in the client update section "Updated/fixed bugs/errors in X hooks/areas" looks way better than zero communication. As far as what you said about Usa, there hasn't been a community event in years. The last one being 2015 santa claus which I don't even think he organized, pretty sure a mod did it. Also my scripter application even though it will be denied (which is okay) has been up for over a month without a final definitive answer when in the application guidelines it clearly states up to 72 hours (I'm not saying it should always be 3 days for a decision but he hasn't looked at it in over 3 weeks)
  2. You're completely wrong on everything you pointed out except being older now. Yes maybe the admins are older now and have a actual job, however it isn't as if being active in a community that generates you a lot of revenue is hard to do. It is literally like logging on for 20 min a day while sitting at your computer in your house and posting or fixing stuff. This isn't mine or others (can't say for sure) source of money, however this is a paid service and we should expect regular updates and maintenance which there is not. Trilez takes 30% of all script sales, both premium and private which adds up to quite a lot, also he gets paid in 8$/month for VIP-E. Also about scripters being inactive, yes people move on with their lives and stop contributing however they should still retain their rank and status while not even contributing anymore. Let alone allow premium scripts of theirs to be for sale which aren't in working condition. Oh yeah, to add to that, you say Old School isn't thriving? yet it is thriving more now than it did on release back in 2013. You should check your facts before posting baseless facts on this post. Gold prices were .85-.95 for a long time and have just recently gone up to 1-1.15 due to raids being released into old school. Bottom line, we are paying for a service, we should get support and answers. @Montreal As a response to what you said, the admins never come on the website literally ever. The stuff being done behind the scence supposedly is not meaningful when nothing is announced about it and no one knows except a select few. I know the "update" was supposed to be out last summer, however its half a year later and it still probably won't be out for another year. We have no proof Trilez is actively working on the client at all, there is easy client fixes/updates he could do. Such as Command-line support, would literally take 30 minutes, an hour tops for a seasoned programmer to write and integrate into the client.
  3. Admins are inactive which bottlenecks the community/script growth. @TRiLeZ Is nearly never on the site or discord, only comes about when the site is down or a critical error is present (slowly though) @Usa Is our most active admin, he is still not on that often, and pretty much manages the entire site/community by himself, plus only @TRiLeZ has access to the client/api so he can't do anything about it other than alert Trilez. @Todd Is a complete ghost, have barely if ever seen him on the forums since I started using tribot. A reasonable explanation for inactiveness would be nice. Also, like I said before, half if not more than the current premium scripters ARE in-active. I know that @TRiLeZ said they are waiting for a "certain update" however no that isn't the case, I looked through @Sphiinx list and checked out every rank on that list, and half if not more are inactive and come on the site once a month if none at all. It is sad to see tribot not even punishing these scripters for their inactiveness when it is clearly outlined in the scripters application that if they are inactive there will be consequences. Also allowing tons of non-functioning premium scripts to continue to be on sale on the repository is just sad.
  4. Accounts being locked/banned from doing tutorial island = flagged proxy.
  5. I can teach you the ways young grasshopper
  6. I'll take you under my wing as my padawan learner
  7. if (Combat.isUnderAttack()) { // do antiban }
  8. I'm pretty sure Tribots get wilderness method is broken, it has been for a long time. You would have to use a custom method such as this snippet. I am pretty sure these are the correct interfaces however if they aren't it is a easy fix to do. public static int getWildernessLevel() { // Get the node containing your wilderness level. If null we are not in wilderness. RSInterfaceChild node = Interfaces.get( 90, 43 ); if ( node == null ) return 0; // Get its text. If null we are not in wilderness. String text = node.getText(); if ( text == null ) return 0; // Parse out the unneeded text text = text.replace( "Level: ", "" ); // Return it as an integer try { return Integer.parseInt( text ); } catch( Exception e ) { return 0; } }
  9. Pretty sure Dynamic Signatures have been broken/not working for a very long time.
  10. F2p is only good if you can meet these two conditions : 1 : Automated system 2 : Mass accounts Otherwise, it isn't worth it. Accounts generally get banned every day and it is alot of work for only 15-30k profit/hr. P2p is the way to go, plus the last month, f2p has been getting destroyed. Bans are all day long no matter what you do. Either they upgraded their bot-watch for f2p or something.
  11. secret database stuff
  12. posting your code would help.
  13. Basic solo raids bot please.
  14. don't bot an account you don't want to lose, you will probably get caught and banned