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  1. I haven't had this issue, have you tried deleting hooks.dat and restarting tribot 2x to login screen? I don't think it's been reported to me but I can also look into it and see if it can be prevented in the future.
  2. Pm'd you, I need more information to figure out whats going on.
  3. godspower33

    [P] Account unlocker.

    Well also the issue is your payment you're offering is too low. You can only pay via TRiBot credits and 100m 07 is about $60 USD which brings it to about 60 credits or $60 for this script.
  4. godspower33

    Need private script pm bot

    You can't pay for private scripts via RSGP, only through TRiBot credits. You're gonna need to change your payment amount to reflect that.
  5. godspower33

    Does jagex track IP or account for hours/day?

    We don't know what they track specifically when determining how to ban bots however playtime is definitely a strong indicator. Data has shown the more hours/day you bot the more likely you are to be banned. However there are some exceptions and sometimes you can get away with 24/7 no breaks for a while.
  6. godspower33

    [ABC2] Taverly Blue Dragon Killer [120-400k/hr] [Low reqs]

    I will take a look at this, there may have been a change in the game settings. Can you pm me your settings/gear/inv and I can try to see what is going on, also check your client debug and let me know if dax walker is activating or not. I implemented the new walker into the script recently.
  7. Have you deleted hooks.dat and restarted client 2x to login screen? The issue with dax walker taking time to walk is an issue I've told dax but it is still persistent, I can ask him again. Can you tell me how long it takes to start walking and from where? Also if you can, can you get the dax walker call in the client debug and either pm me it in a spoiler since it contains your stats and is very long. (You will need to click the bottom of the call then scroll up to the top and shift click or just copy the entire client debug to your clipboard and post it on pastebin and send me that in a pm)
  8. It does infact work, it may be an issue with your settings, Manta Rays aren't supported. You can try adding me on discord but I'm not sure if I'll be able to help too much atm, I've been very sick for a while and my fever has been 102-104 (F) now.
  9. I'll try testing it myself in a little bit, I was sure I had made sure it doesn't double count the loot, I haven;t had a issue with it yet but it's possible around the dark beast there could be some kind of special issue.
  10. You can check using PathFinding or you could only search for rocks within the area you are trying to mine in. If you wanted to add member support too, you could add a option for the GUI if you have one or use a JOptionPane to get that information on start up.
  11. Thats interesting, is that only happening when your standing in that area by where the dark beast spawns? I'm not quite sure. I tested melee with a BGS and a elder maul on an account with 94/94 attack/strength and I wasnt getting many kills but I did not extensively test it since my ranged accounts were doing very well.
  12. If you add me on discord, we can discuss faster and try to see what is going on. The reason it did not hop was because it was still in combat, if it attempted too, it would've gotten "Need to wait 10 sec to log after combat" You were frozen within this time frame, but it appears to have detected it immediately and it attempted to run but it misclicked on the map or something and got frozen instantly so there was nothing it could do.
  13. godspower33

    WTB Runescape botting guide

    There are a few guides in the guides section but you won't be able to find guides on how to gold farm lots of money, that comes from time, experience, and experimenting.
  14. 2- It should enter the cave, was there a pker nearby? I am gonna need debugs so I can reproduce it myself or see where it is occuring 3- Are you using clan wars or edgeville teleporting? I've been made aware this happens rarely, I saw it happen once myself but It was only that one time and I thought I pushed a solve for it. 4- I believe that is because the new walker doesn't check for wilderness level anymore before trying to escape. I am going to edit the walker to fix that. 5- I've been made aware of that one as well but again I haven't been able to reproduce it, I am going to debug it and rewrite the walking logic while inside the cave. I've had reports but it seems it happens rarely. 6- Thats odd, it should move the camera to do so. 7- Yes that currently isn't supported, I highly suggest to use prayer, any prayer will do and then it will use the portal every run. I am going to make this change later soon as well. Overall, I think you should try deleting hooks.dat and restarting the client two times to login screen each time. (I personally always do 3 times just to be safe) Then let me know if these are still occuring. I record all my sessions on my local PC using OSB so I can watch through it for bugs/inefficiencies but I haven't found many myself. That issue appears to be a script issue, I have had reports of paths taking 10-15 seconds to generate and start walking but I personally have not been experiencing that long of a delay, I'm attempting to look into it. Some recent progress reports I've collected over the past week. These accounts are all 84+ range using blowpipe with adamant darts, salve i, and eagle eye with ranging potions.
  15. I have noticed sometimes it is in combat and can't hop when it enters cave because of the dragon, I can look into that. That could help out with avoiding pkers but I feel like a consistent waiting every time before entering cave could create a pattern with a lot of accounts doing it.