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  1. yo why when i start ur script it ended the script right after? i restarted client already donsent work 


    1. YoHoJo


      @2 br0Post what you see in the Bot & Client debug tabs under TRiBot.

  2. @babytow Please post pictures of your GUI or pm me them. I can't tell exactly but it sort of looks like your Revenants list to attack is empty.
  3. This is more than likely due to using multiple tabs in a single tribot client. Please try using one tab per tribot client and you should not run into this issue. If you do what I suggested and continue to run into this issue please let me know. Using one tab per tribot client does not use any significant amount more RAM or CPU. I personally always use one tab per tribot client and always have.
  4. Is the webwalker not working? I'm currently without a stable internet connection so I can't run the script to verify what is going on. Does it just not move at all?
  5. It should be fully working, it was just two days ago. I am currently without a stable internet connection and won't have one until Wednesday, it might be a settings issue. Are you using LG? Also have you tried deleting hooks.dat then restarting the tribot client to the login screen then closing it then doing it again 3 times? That must be done to refresh the hooks. Also if you are using multiple tabs in 1 tribot client that will mess up the script. Please fill out a bug report format so I can properly figure out what is going on but check on the GUI in the travel tab if you are using custom navigation, if you are not. I highly recommend it because it practically eliminates all issues with the webwalker that can cause idles leading to the script ending.
  6. Have you tried deleting hooks.dat and restarting the client 2-3 times after the update? Also check the bot debug and let me know if the web walker is failing.
  7. It should be mostly working now from what I heard last. It may be up/down a little bit It is planned but not a priority so I have no ETA on these updates
  8. The script should end when out of supplies, and if the host isn't online, is it not doing these things?
  9. This is most likely due to the web walker going down/up over the past ~12 hours. Ah I am sorry, that must've happened because of lag when it went to spec or a misclick. I'm not sure but I will take a look later today as it is a Holiday today in the US so I won't be free most of the day
  10. @Domasxd @lukasas Unfortunately it is a web walker error and there isn't much I can do about it. We need dax to fix whatever may have broke with the walker
  11. Hi, the script is fully functional, can you please provide me with what bugs you are experiencing or provide me with your GUI set up, etc so I can determine if anything is incorrect or needs fixing.
  12. It was most likely navigating to the bank to recharge the blowpipe and the walker determined the quickest route was through spirit trees
  13. Hi, thanks! Edgeville spawn is not supported, only Lumbridge is. You can change this for free at the Edgeville witch, and it should be free to change it back to Edgeville too later. Thanks, I have been told of this bug but it is a bit elusive, I can't replicate it myself. I'll watch myself die on various accounts and not see it happen. If you do happen to catch it doing it, can you print a stack trace while it is running to wherever it goes, I'll be able to pinpoint it better then and fix it.
  14. Yes, a host is one of the auths. If you only want to try out one account, you could get 40 construction and make varrock tablets in your own house instead of using a host
  15. Hey, try checking if you're doing any of these, these are common issues when filling out the GUI that can cause bugs 1 - Must be 100000 not 100k or 100,000 2 - Must be 50 not 50% 3 - Manta rays are not supported as food
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