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  1. Yeah, Avas is highly recommended because it saves profit. I use addy darts when running this script, other people may use different darts though. What do you mean it constantly clicks the logout X button then spec bar? I'm not sure I understand
  2. Do you have your camera zoom locked? That would prevent that issue from happening, I might push a update to lock the camera zoom so it can't go in/out if it isn't already locked.
  3. What do you mean that it recognizes the divine potion as being in combat? It should recognize as being in combat if there is a health bar above your head. It takes longer to teleport from inventory, since it has to rub it then select the option, I might add a gui option to tele from inventory though. Hopping when wearing certain items isn't a good option for Revs unfortunately. There are skulled Rev killers who also hide among them and actually PK as well. It would be too hard to differentiate the pkers and rev killers plus pkers could figure out how the bots anti pk works and wear rev killing gear and pk bots without them getting away, since if they ignored skulled rev killers it would have a much greater chance to get TB'd/combo'd out before it can run. Hi, are you using LG? If not, what is your mouse speed settings, the anti-pk should be pretty fast. If you have mouse speed set for above 110 you also need to make sure that in your tribot settings the mouse variance speed is set to 0 so that the mouse speed can go above 110. I believe I have a picture guide on the first post, it is located within File -> Settings on the tribot client. What do you mean about the camera zoomed in? It isn't supposed to zoom out, if the issue is the camera is too zoomed in, I recommend simply zooming the camera to max zoom then locking it prior to running the script.
  4. Is the big bug happening often and/or did it only start occurring recently? I hadn't had anyone report this bug to me. I just re-uploaded the current version of the script I have locally. If it has happened only recently, did you try deleting hooks.dat/restarting twice? - It should only move the camera if the loot is not in view, is the loot outside of view or does it have to walk to the loot? - I'm not sure I am completely understanding. Are you saying that it should always keep the world hopping tab open to hop quickly? Or that it is running instead of hopping when it could hop. If you did mean that it is running instead of hopping that would be because it the account appears to be in combat so it tries to run, it is supposed to try to hop first always but sometimes it can't if it is in combat with a Rev or another player
  5. Please make sure you have all gear necessary, it should print out in the client debug if you're missing gear. Also make sure you aren't doing any of the above
  6. It should, do you have it saved in your gear set up & have the salve (i) option ticked in the GUI?
  7. I need the whole screen or debugs to be able to determine the cause of this. If you could please report the bug via the bug report format on the first post, it'd help me fix it faster
  8. This is most likely due to one of the folowing Putting 50k or 50,000 instead of 50000 in the bank at value Putting 50% instead of 50 for hp to attack at Leaving fields blank or at 0 Using Manta Rays as food (not supported)
  9. Theres no need for that, and restocking/muling is a possible feature in the near future. I've held off on adding it specifically to this script because Revenants are not instanced like Zulrah for example, so if I added restocking/muling, the cave would be much more packed with bots which would lower profit/hr for everyone and also increase ban rates overall due to more bots. There is argument support so you can technically set this script up with auto restocking/muling using a separate script to do it.
  10. Unfortunately that's just how Craws bow is, there isn't much I can do to make Craws more profitable since whenever you use it, you are targeted by clans and pkers since you drop min 1k ether. I highly recommend using Blowpipe and salve i for maximum profit/hr
  11. Sorry about that, fixed. That wasn't the new prayer system, it appeared I only partially disabled it because I was doing some testing myself with it. Its been reverted to the old system. The new system is supposed to turn prayers off whenever theres no NPCs then when one spawns it turns it on, it was a feature some people requested a long time ago but I personally thought it wouldn't be viable since it wastes time turning prayer on/off.
  12. I changed it back to the old prayer system. I'll add an option to turn prayer on/off using quick prayers to the GUI for those who want to use it.
  13. Breaks are currently not supported however I will probably add support for them during my re-write I'm currently doing. V2.11 Added optional prespawn tracking and walking to the gui - under Other Settings - Misc. Added Left area to prespawn tracking. Currently supports Lower & Left areas.
  14. Nice, and the script only takes screenshots if you get a relic or any other unique items. I can change the prayer switching back to normal and I'll add it in the GUI as an option, as well as have it use quick prayer instead
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