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  1. Nice script release, I beta tested this for a while on a few accounts and none of them got banned yet!
  2. godspower33

    [ABCL] [Low reqs] Gods Tab Maker [Up to 300k/hr]

    Dust battlestaff is already supported, as for the second thing. I can look into adding that.
  3. godspower33

    [ABCL] [Low reqs] Gods Tab Maker [Up to 300k/hr]

    It preforms an antiban action every X seconds as well as randomly talks using randomly generated sentences every X seconds
  4. godspower33

    How long can i do wintertodt for (ish)?

    I'm getting 33.3 with 3 repeating without other ironman things sprinkled in
  5. godspower33

    Rating system for scripts?

    Sadly no one leaves positive feedback because if they do, others will see it and be like "oo i can bot this too and make $$" then the person who left the positive feedback has more competition and less profit as a result
  6. godspower33

    Iron Goldfarmer [Free]

    @HeyImJamie Nice release, does it have auto muling? I didn't see that listed, just curious
  7. godspower33

    High CPU Usage question

    There are no suggestions really, LG is extremely CPU intensive which makes running a farm off it impossible, LG is only good for client detection, which the client isn't, you could run probably 20-30 Regular clients easily on those specs.
  8. godspower33

    Einstein Path Builder [Scripting Tool]

    Nice release, all your scripter tools are definitely a great help to starter and current scripters
  9. godspower33

    Personal Gold farm

    There are premium/free scripts the cover most gold farming methods, some more niche methods may require you to purchase a private script for it
  10. godspower33

    Personal Gold farm

    Sorry, you're asking to be spoonfed methods and how to make $$. Regardless if you're doing it for personal use or selling the gold, it is the same thing as far as other gold farmers are concerned. You won't find anyone who is successful who will willingly share their methods as they won't make as much money with more competition. Your best bet is to use your game knowledge of runescape to find your own gold farm methods to run a farm on and do some tests to find out how to make accounts survive
  11. godspower33

    Gods Air Orb Charger [ABC2] [250-400k+/hr]

    I need more details, why has it stopped? Where? Anything in the client or bot debug?
  12. godspower33

    Gods Air Orb Charger [ABC2] [250-400k+/hr]

    Hi, I can look into why it hops to pvp worlds sometimes and fix that, as for the trouble logging back in, that is currently a tribot issue. The Loginbot will either activate saying "Loginbot started" but do nothing or it won't activate at all which has been frustrating for most users. Edit: Updated @jaydn1234
  13. godspower33

    How long till log in bot is fixed

    That's unfortunate, I don't seem to get that issue on my accounts, I didn't get a single account today with that bug, my accounts use breaks and they are still running. I get it rarely
  14. godspower33

    How long till log in bot is fixed

    The admins are aware of it but there is no eta or information on when it will be fixed. I am experiencing this too but it is pretty rare, if it happened every time you logged out then it would be patched faster. The main issue for the admins is how to replicate the bug, seeing as for me at least this bug is completely random, and it is not clear at all what is causing it to sometimes not activate (from our end) we can't tell them how to replicate it so they can isolate and fix it.
  15. godspower33

    I keep getting banned non stop

    If it is right after tutorial island, it most likely is. My proxies are fine and I am able to complete tutorial island without LG as many others are, you gotta try and investigate every thing you do to try to find the source of the problem, which means giving thought to the idea that maybe it is your proxies.