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  1. Pretty sure there are no public ones yet on tribot. I don't know how viable it would be since you'd have to run the long way if you were gold-farming with lower levels
  2. the difference is 2$ that isn't much of a investment.
  3. Jagex is tracking you, it happens when you run a extremely successful bot-farm which is why botting is dead these days. Once you're flagged, its pretty much over for botting. Unless you buy a new computer and internet provider so your ip changes.
  4. While this is a interesting script choice for sure, a lot of the stuff you have chosen to do per week would take a normal scripter like 2 hours to do. I don't know how viable this would be though since the main goal of botting these days is to gold-farm as much as you can before bans. It would be a cool side project but also premium script does take that long. And once you're premium scripter waiting for your script to be approved to become a premium scripter takes a while as well.
  5. I would use a mule, it sound like you are using your main to trade your bots. I lost a maxed main with like 2k total doing that. My mules would never get banned so I stopped using one for a month last year and bam hit by the ban hammer on main. I always use a mule now and even use 2-3 2ndary mules that only trade the first mule to hold my gold.
  6. yes they are still high ban rate
  7. Advertising even in real life, can I pre-order a spot on your gravestone pls?
  8. best script for a big farm
  9. sry the scripter haxed you
  10. DPath does handle doors, I don't have much walking in most of my scripts, I don't think. I usually only walk shortish distances, so I use Walking.walkPath(Walking.generateStraightPath(position) or Walking.walkTo if its something very close. On my automated f2p farm however, I just use webWalking to handle all the walking, but webWalker isn't that great overall.
  11. @Encoded has a premium wintertodt script that was written and was waiting for approval two weeks or so ago, about a week or two after release. However like I said in my previous post, the admins have been quite slow as of late which is why we don't see any new premium scripts coming through.
  12. You are right, actually it's been more than 3 months since "new scripts" have been released. There have been one or two new premium scripts I think by Sphiinx, an AIO miner but other than that there hasn't been any new scripts. There are some new free scripts that come about and depending on who writes it, free scripts can be as good as premium however they get used by a lot of people so it makes it more likely for the script to get profiled. There is a reason why there is no new premium scripts though, to my knowledge it is because the admins have to approve each one and the admins have been quite slow as of late. There are a lot of bugs in methods in the api which should be fixed easily but no fixes have come for months, also our webwalking is complete shit and the client itself hasn't been updated in nearly a year. I'm not trying to insult tribot or anything, I am just stating some facts that i'm aware of. I personally used to release a bunch of free scripts but i've been busy with school and personal stuff so I just write my own private ones to goldfarm with. Writing a premium quality script doesn't take a long time, it can be done fairly fast, it is the approval that takes a long time.
  13. wait is this a looter or a flaxpicker?
  14. @Mute is like Yoda, he can teach you the ways.