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  1. Hi, sorry but there aren't refunds unless the script is broken. There are usually a ton of pkers on the weekend, I mention it on the first thread and there is a few hour trial to this script as well. Sparc Mac usually runs his "tribe" events where they pk at caves all day. I personally have been running my Rev bots without issue even on weekends and today as well. You gotta make sure you set up the GUI correctly, and use a salve i for maximum profit/kills.
  2. I recommend just using the budget gear I show in the first post, I've been using this script forever and I always make a profit, you just need the correct settings. I have some users who use stuff like Peg boots (upgraded rangers) and make 1.5M+/hr. I personally just use salve i and a blowpipe and average ~700k-1m+/hr depending on range level. This is what I recommend as gear Black d'hide set, salve (i) or (ei), snakeskin boots/hat, avas, blowpipe
  3. Hmm alright, thank you for reporting it, I'll check out the running south, not sure why it is doing that. However it is supposed to be sensitive with any skulls within your combat bracket to be safe. There has been alot of clans camping the area recently using bots to scout worlds. I don't think there is a way to check the amount of charges that is on it, that should really only become a issue if you die like once every two hours or something which is rare, in most cases you don't really lose much
  4. I had thought about this option before, and I even wrote it and tested it privately. It was not too great, I did tests with rune cbow diamond bolts and msb with amethyst arrows. Both weren't great, or maybe I didn't test it well enough but either ways I think this type of feature would be better suited to a private script.
  5. Sorry you're experiencing issues, but you should contact me on discord so I can sort out this issues. It is most likely user error, I am running the script still right now and so are others without issues
  6. Okay, I'll see why it wasn't working, and I plan on adding timers, it is a beta currently but that is unfortunate you got banned however there was a pretty large ban wave today over all types of bots even bots that rarely get banned so I wouldn't be so quick to bring out the pitch forks.
  7. @9055394 For the crawlers task, did you have a rope attached to the lumbridge swamp dungeon prior to running this script? If you did not, it wouldn't be able to get into it. Also in that picture it looks like you're missing the lit candle lantern For the dogs task, did it not open the gate and just get stuck there? I'll fix that with the other fixes.
  8. Yeah, I'm aware of that issue. It is a bug related to the web walker. I am planning on fixing that bug along with a bug in the kalphite task in a few hours, which should get rid of all the bugs currently reported (I think). I am also implemented updated code for attacking so it is much faster.
  9. Breaking isn't supported by this script currently, also make sure you enable custom navigation in the GUI under Travel tab. This will prevent almost all time outs.
  10. This script is fully functional, it is working for me and many others, I am running it right now on many accounts. What you're experiencing is more than likely user error which I can help with if you provide me with some more information. @9055394 It sounds like you're using the Developers release of the tribot client which is more than likely causing nearly all those issues, check if you are please I honestly don't know, I never used melee other than when testing the script. Range is far superior imo, you could test it but I tried it with chaotic maul/bgs and both were meh, blowpipe was way better since it didn't have to run 24/7 to attack Revs.
  11. Is this issue causing the script to end? Can you send me the client debug in a pastebin? The debug you sent me was from the bot debug
  12. Are you on mac os? If so, try disabling your firewall, it looks like that is the issue to me.
  13. Hey, I had some stuff happen irl within the past few days so I won't be able to check out these bugs and fix them today, if you bought the script shoot me a pm, i'll refund you and you can repurchase if you'd like once I sort out the bugs.
  14. Hey, could you post those in a pastebin or inside a spoiler tag? I thought there was something for this inside the script but i'll make sure I check that it is!
  15. Fixed various issues. @mthomas4
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