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  1. Are these issues happening when using all four pouches or which pouches are you using?
  2. If it is still printing the same thing in the debug, make sure you update your gear selected in the gui to have nothing in your ammo slot.
  3. You need to make sure you have no ammo in your ammo slot and disable Avas ammo collection Did you select the option use salve in the GUI though, because if you don't it won't use it. It'll use a glory
  4. I pushed the fix for the new wilderness level changes, should avoid pkers properly now
  5. Do you have discord? When I wrote the script, I didn't use giant pouch so I might've not grabbed the correct id for the damaged giant pouch also I'll push out a fix for the not using all ess before banking
  6. Do you have salve option selected in the GUI? It won't equip it without it being selected There was a change to the text in the wilderness interface, its been fixed V1.59 is live and should fix the issue
  7. Were you running two accounts in one client? That would cause some issues if you were. As for the scroll support, I don't think it'd be really worth it since teleports cost ~30k each and you could go through like ~50+ in a hour possibly.
  8. You probably set up the GUI incorrectly, please refer to the posts above, others had the same issue and was fixed by what I suggested (It is on the same page 39)
  9. It will only world hop when there is a skulled player within your combat bracket. I wouldn't recommend manually hopping as that could interfere with the designed anti-pk. It is packed sadly, especially on the weekends with both botters, pkers, gold farmers. The last week when Venezuela's power was out, the profit of Revs went up nearly double, so I think we know who to blame for the lower profit than on release
  10. Sorry, bracelets are required. There wouldn't be much sense to a bracelet free option becaue Pkers are there very often (every 2-5 minutes) so since you don't have a bracelet you'd always be in combat which means you'd always have to teleport out instead of potentially world hopping You die majority of the time at the tele spot or on the way (It is where pkers camp the most) so with a bracelet you are there longer since you can world hop instead of teleporting out Basically it would result in much much more deaths/hr and a significant decrease in profit
  11. Did you put 100k in bank at value or 100000. Value must be 10000 for example, not 100k or 100,000 Manta rays are not supported as food
  12. Are you hitting "re-run"? You should always hit "Start script" when running a script Try deleting hooks.dat and then restarting the tribot client to login screen then closing the client and doing that two times then you should be good to go.
  13. Please make sure you have the GUI set up correctly, is there any messages in the debug?
  14. It sounds like there was some sort of error, I've never had 33 deaths in 1.5 hours. You may need to delete hooks and restart the client two times to login screen Thanks, I trade loot from revenant bots to a mule then sell it
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