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  1. dax can i have your skype please mate because i cant seem to find any npcs when i load my client by green drags and not sure how to set up the logic system would love some help?
  2. idle doesnt work because the player goes idle after every 2 fish by like 0.1 second or something and if waiting till invent doesnt contain item and you level you are just going to be stood there... and static sleeps this can effect exp majorly...
  3. can you use teletabs to go back to the bank is there this option or only walking?
  4. just letting you know that you are not able to cook with this script effectively because it does not have the option to wait whilst the food is being cooked. just a slight problem i have found that is all
  5. i have uninstalled in 100% and tried to reinstall it. i have done this at least 6 times and still cant get the thing to work...
  6. Can anyone help me sort out my computer please? i wiped my pc yesterday and i cant get java to work. it downloads it and says it installed but then you know you gotta verify it there is just a big grey box there and it dont run it on any sites can anyone please help me with this? this would be very appreciated. thanks Sahi.
  7. i dont really get motherlode mine is it anygood?