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  1. Pirates treasure quest has an issue, it opens up the shop where it needs to put the apron on but everything inside the shop, such as stepping in it, opening the door of the other room and finding the rum in the crate and then exiting the room I had to do manual or it would just stand outside that shop
  2. if I choose a quest I do not have requirements for, will this quest get these requirements for me?
  3. do you have to have games necklace? can you not do it so the player runs from barbarian outpost to the plank spawns and runs back to bank?
  4. looking to use on my brand new ironman, will this cut the logs for you or will I have to cut the logs for myself before hand to get up to 50 fm?
  5. so im trying to run the script, however it constantly just stops responding the client and freezes and the guy won't open, I have the latest version of java.
  6. dax can i have your skype please mate because i cant seem to find any npcs when i load my client by green drags and not sure how to set up the logic system would love some help?
  7. idle doesnt work because the player goes idle after every 2 fish by like 0.1 second or something and if waiting till invent doesnt contain item and you level you are just going to be stood there... and static sleeps this can effect exp majorly...
  8. just letting you know that you are not able to cook with this script effectively because it does not have the option to wait whilst the food is being cooked. just a slight problem i have found that is all
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