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  1. Amazing fucking idea. Keep up the good work
  2. Radiation X

    Need mod to reset password

    Thank you
  3. Radiation X

    Need mod to reset password

    Starting up the bot again since school is out. I can log in to website but i have no idea what my password is(so im unable to use client). I know my old passwords/email/acc info/etc. Please pm me when you get a chance
  4. Radiation X

    How legit is Looking Glass?

    Absolutely zero reason not to run it if youre vip-e
  5. Add banking and this could easily be a premium script
  6. Radiation X

    Bans and ban expiration

    You would be crazy to risk that account. I wouldn't even log in on the bot client w/ that
  7. Radiation X

    [Request] runite miner

    I would highly recommend NOT trying this. Few clans camp the ores 24/7. Your bots would get fucked so fast. If you get banned you'll need to bot 85 mining again which takes weeks, and this would cost around $200. Think of a new method
  8. Radiation X

    tribot is detected

    Not doubting you, but that is not the point of this thread is it?
  9. Radiation X

    tribot is detected

    I like how you're both arguing over your anecdotal evidence instead of the actual J mod quite where he says bot clients are detectable lmfao
  10. Radiation X

    tribot is detected

    https://www.reddit.com/r/2007scape/comments/4w9j0n/thirdparty_clients/ Read the part where ModMatK states "look like bots" in regard to third party clients. Basically straight up said they have a system that filters clients into "helping(OSB)" and "botting" clients. Been detectable for at least a year now, hence why you either have looking glass or you're fucked Also, just using a "bot client" is grounds for a permaban FYI
  11. Radiation X

    did i just got hacked through tribot?

    You think a reputable scripter would hack over 2.5m and a bond? Like wtf lol. Run a fucking system restore and get rid of whatever virus/keylogger u got
  12. Radiation X

    NEW Bot Farm

    Gonna be blunt, if your're this clueless about 2016 botting then you're going to have a bad time.
  13. Radiation X

    [F2P] Water Jug Collecter [No Reqs]

    Like the idea. Looks like a sick script. Keep it up
  14. Radiation X

    Is it possible to bot ?

    I would highly recommend looking glass (google it) and using private scripts.
  15. Radiation X

    TRiBot Release 9.300_0 [ABC2]

    Good work, curious to see the results!
  16. its 10% in protected skills. Still viable if the target has bank
  17. You run this site very professionally and I respect that
  18. Radiation X


    garyshood /thread
  19. Radiation X

    Jazed CW Booster official release

    looks sick
  20. Radiation X

    Looking for a Wildy Runite miner (Private)

    So many pkers lol. Yg summed it up nicely
  21. Radiation X

    Player Reports: What should I do?

    Do absolutely nothing
  22. Radiation X

    questions about disabling graphics

    Reduces CPU. Use it all the time
  23. Radiation X

    How does jagex monitor botting?

    Anything they can quantify and examine. Hours played, clicks per minute, accuracy, speed, patterns,etc
  24. Radiation X

    Sigma Grand Exchange [FREE BETA]