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  1. KiWizz Tanner Beta AntiBan Compliance level 10 * Start at Al Kharid bank with coins in inventory *Enter hide type into GUI (Snake Skin currently not supported) *Report bugs as specifically as possible Feedback also appreciated DOWNLOAD: IN REPO NOW Bare in mind this script is in beta, I mostly made it to try out ABC & to release a script for the public to use. Have only tested with leather.
  2. Using this now, I'll let you know how I get on edit : ran it for about an hour, it does OK but if its walking from the bank to portal 2/3 times it will get stuck in a loop going around the mage tower fences
  3. I'm curious if iron man accounts have lower ban rates then normal.... You could essentially farm gold on it and drop trade to another account. little bit more effort in setting up i suppose but might be worth a shot
  4. awesome script man, i only get banns if i dont use breaks , anyways script gets a bit confused at falador bank once its deposited all items in inventory. cant seem to close bank and walking back to the cows(using fally cow setting)
  5. sooo many bans using this script.. might as well kill cows instead
  6. dont use edgeville man script you will get banned. lost 4 accounts i thought were safe at edgeville men..
  7. Gonna test this out today with a new acc, i'll let u kno how i get on edit : How accurate is that post on front page? I might try them all...
  8. Can you add Iron knifes ( 863 ) & steel knives ( 865 ) to pickup arrow table please?
  9. @Tri You need to look at door handling, it gets stuck in a loop of opening/closing doors sometimes.
  10. Also sometimes gets out of game and runs around the island endlessly (like once every 30~ games)
  11. Probably going to buy this... hopefully it works edit: Does a lot of random running around (runs from point a to b, then b to a, over and over) and gets stuck opening/closing doors(opens/closes them over and over 5+ times), also gets stuck behind portals sometimes.
  12. So I'm botting this account. went from 75 attack to 96 attack and the xp/hr is still the same??? do attack levels actually do nothing?
  13. with that being said my xp/hr should have gone up right? but its the exact same it was 10 odd attack levels ago o well. time to level a new account ruined this one with attack levels lol
  14. I've had 3 accounts permed from slayer script ( 3 hours on, 4 hours off), its all just chance really.
  15. Mine hovers next target all the time :/
  16. The camera is abit strange, randomly spazzes out, turns 180* then back 300* then back 150* (with middle mouse) etc. Also does it have to ALWAYS hover next kill target?
  17. It means if you purchase a premium script. You can run it WITHOUT VIP & only on 1 account.
  18. You can't really grow... but some people have shitty compressed spines/posture. Building back muscle helps decompress and stretch the spine. Having good core/back muscles also improves your posture aswel. so grow... not really, more like fix.
  19. IMO this is the best ab exercises. Makes my shit pop right out.(Set with other exercises obv) http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/ms-fit5.htm Are you really putting on weight at 2400 cals? I'm 5"10 160lb and my maint is around 2800~ but I'm around 14~% bf. Also how much of those 174 carbs are from sugars? drop those powerbars for rice/tuna imo. Not really sure what your goals are but if you're wanting to build muscle you should drop some of those fats for carbs. You want 50-60% carbs. **Real Talk** Poo is a pretty good indicator of how your body is reacting to your diet. if your shits are slimey/sticky your fat intake is 2 high.
  20. Just got hacked across 4 accounts, Now I'm a little confused here. Haven't downloaded any of them fancy gold generators. Been botting for almost 8 years now, this has NEVER happened. My passwords hadn't been changed in 5+ weeks either. I've done nothing different. I'm so fucking confused as to how I even got hacked??? I use both Tribot & Orion client, nothing else. Edit: Another thing I figured out, Only the accounts that had details in the Login manager where hacked. Not saying this is the reason, but its weird that only these where hacked.
  21. I would have defiantly remembered if i'd downloaded a "gold generator". I haven't change anything. I'd even go as far to say I haven't downloaded a single thing on this computer in over 3 months & the only websites visited would be Reddit, Tribot, twitch & hotmail.
  22. ??? Most defiantly haven't
  23. I got permad doing barrows after 2-3 days. My other accounts where untouched