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  1. Keeps trying to randomly hop worlds even tho I have all world hop options disabled edit: after several restarts its fine edit2: if crabs are popped from another player and it goes to reset, when it comes back it won't attack the popped crabs so will just stand there edit3: sometimes wont reset pop and just stands there until idle log out (water birth east)
  2. Loot pickup doesn't seem to be registering... It loots etc fine but doesn't add it to total Gold/Hr tally edit : also breaks whenever ahrims hood degrades
  3. Dies frequently on pray flick stage, can you add a bool so we can just have it not flick on that stage and just pray range or mage. Or maybe make it change tabs with F Keys to make it faster. edit : Also if for some reason while fighting Zulra if he spawns off map it will just stand there if the player's not being attacked
  4. Using this now, I'll let you know how I get on edit : ran it for about an hour, it does OK but if its walking from the bank to portal 2/3 times it will get stuck in a loop going around the mage tower fences
  5. I'm curious if iron man accounts have lower ban rates then normal.... You could essentially farm gold on it and drop trade to another account. little bit more effort in setting up i suppose but might be worth a shot
  6. awesome script man, i only get banns if i dont use breaks , anyways script gets a bit confused at falador bank once its deposited all items in inventory. cant seem to close bank and walking back to the cows(using fally cow setting)
  7. sooo many bans using this script.. might as well kill cows instead
  8. dont use edgeville man script you will get banned. lost 4 accounts i thought were safe at edgeville men..
  9. Gonna test this out today with a new acc, i'll let u kno how i get on edit : How accurate is that post on front page? I might try them all...
  10. Can you add Iron knifes ( 863 ) & steel knives ( 865 ) to pickup arrow table please?
  11. @Tri You need to look at door handling, it gets stuck in a loop of opening/closing doors sometimes.
  12. Also sometimes gets out of game and runs around the island endlessly (like once every 30~ games)
  13. Probably going to buy this... hopefully it works edit: Does a lot of random running around (runs from point a to b, then b to a, over and over) and gets stuck opening/closing doors(opens/closes them over and over 5+ times), also gets stuck behind portals sometimes.
  14. with that being said my xp/hr should have gone up right? but its the exact same it was 10 odd attack levels ago o well. time to level a new account ruined this one with attack levels lol
  15. So I'm botting this account. went from 75 attack to 96 attack and the xp/hr is still the same??? do attack levels actually do nothing?