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  1. It has been 24 hours since I made this post. @Usa told me to wait 24 hours for a reply, refund now please.
  2. @Usa I've given him more than adequate time to fix the script. I don't feel like waiting, I'd like a refund or I'll take my business to a different botting site if this is the way things are handled. I am being quite reasonable.
  3. I would like to contribute further evidence of his inactivity. https://tribot.org/forums/topic/44470-script-dispute/ I have contacted him through three means: skype, private message, and on the thread. Hope this further evidence helps.
  4. Link to script's thread: https://tribot.org/forums/topic/21153-wbarrows152-instances-lifetime40hr-proggy-over-13-billion-earned/ Price you paid for script: 15 credits ($15 USD) How many auths you bought: 1 Date purchased: 19 Jan Proof you have that the owner isn't helping you, isn't updating, is not active, etc: http://gyazo.com/9d383085acd64373b91b1874462bff0b http://gyazo.com/940108517bf46dd820b5742c8a835ded http://gyazo.com/902af8f3f8b9082a32805f4bcd8f52cc https://tribot.org/forums/topic/21153-wbarrows152-instances-lifetime40hr-proggy-over-13-billion-earned/page-131#entry532807 https://tribot.org/forums/topic/21153-wbarrows152-instances-lifetime40hr-proggy-over-13-billion-earned/page-131#entry531487 http://gyazo.com/1958557316126008e000aee73572ada0 Not replying to my PM's. Not replying to my Skype (sent 5 days ago on Tuesday, today is Saturday). He replied to one post on the thread, but did not fix the script. He replied asking for my settings.ini file, which I sent many days ago, and no response. Details of what exactly is wrong with the script, please supply any debugs or evidence you may have as well: - Player gets stuck on the top of the hill. This is the only issue he replied to (asked me to send my settings file). I sent the file many days ago, no response. - Withdraws prayer pots (1),(2),(3) and super defence (1),(2),(3), then deposits them and repeats the process on loop. This would for sure contribute to an increased ban chance. - Starts trying to use the mini-game teleport whilst fighting when in the tunnels. I'm the 2nd person to raise the issue. No response. - The account does not bank using Ectophial. That is a total list of 4 issues, I raised the first issue 5 days ago and I have received no fix. This script is very glitchy and it is evident that he is neglecting the script. I would like a refund as it would allow me to purchase a script from a user who has a working script and who is active. Jens4626 has also made a dispute and has received no help. I told him that I would be disputing if he didn't fix it and of course he didn't reply to that PM. I don't want to wait for him to do a half ass job of trying to fix it, I'd rather a refund. The frequency of glitches in this script is off-putting.
  5. Here is mine: Xmouse_data-9126-1421719068725.dat
  6. A friendly word of warning for those botting/planning to bot GDK's any time soon (my only GDK account - only botted for 2 days): I had four hunter accounts perm banned yesterday. I suppose JAGEX has their shit together.
  7. Now USA said he 'added' it but it isn't there. Maybe it takes time to come through.
  8. Ok. I pmed USA and he said the scriptor can do it. =|
  9. The repository doesn't work on your phone?
  10. He's an admin; he can adjust the repository.
  11. USA was in this thread 2 minutes ago.
  12. I'll delete my posts if I don't have to wait all weekend.
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