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  1. Enceedub

    any good stun alch bots?

    i bought the stun/alcher..love using them
  2. in any instance botting you take a risk
  3. Enceedub

    Merch bots?

    updates probably...wasn't updated to keep up with rs
  4. Enceedub

    Free or vip ?

    You either pay for the script or pay for vip
  5. dont use common bots in common places
  6. Enceedub

    Got nmz bot.

    Make solid scripts..you'll be a scripter..we want things that work
  7. Enceedub

    Buying v.i.p

    apparently he can sell it to you ^^
  8. Enceedub

    Problems with randoms.

    Go to a pest control bank...no randoms = no problems
  9. Enceedub

    ftwaio fisher lite the free one help

    are you setting up all the settings it asks? if not try it a few times and if it messes up see if you can contact the scripter
  10. Enceedub

    Get ur shit togethere tribot..

    either the script or your comp..change it and check it
  11. Enceedub

    Client/scripts buggy after latest 1 or 2 updates??

    Updates cause bots to act weird until updated themselves
  12. Enceedub

    Detect players grabs Mods?

    I had one that logged out for me.
  13. Enceedub

    tribot not responding...

    Just be patient..give it time to be fixed..not the only people having the problem when it happens
  14. Enceedub

    Stupid move I know

    talk to the scriptwriter
  15. Enceedub

    What's up with all the bans?

    jagex cracking down on the bots...be careful with what you bot and where
  16. Enceedub

    Is there pc bot that actually functions correctly?

    there's other places to look as well
  17. Enceedub

    Dont tribot do randoms anymore?

    ask the scripter for help...could just be something minor
  18. Enceedub

    please help im new

    Gratz on vip..glad they helped
  19. Enceedub

    I need Help Asap

    I lost a few as well..always hated restarting though
  20. Enceedub

    best bot for combat?

    agreed with the nmz post
  21. Enceedub

    What is the best money making script..

    you could always run a drag bot killer..
  22. Enceedub

    [Pictures]Full Guide To Setting Up TRiBot

    amazing guide
  23. Enceedub

    [Request] Updated Silk Stall Thiever

    tbh someone shud just make a all in one thiever
  24. Enceedub

    tanning bot?

    i used ftw tanner a little while..didn't like the tanning process..rather plank makers
  25. Enceedub

    Do you have to be VIP now to run premium scripts?

    VIP is worth it in the end though...