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  1. I mean if we were all to train it together you never know rofl if we all use the same proxy we could probs get 99's within weeks
  2. i bought the stun/alcher..love using them
  3. Enceedub

    Merch bots?

    updates probably...wasn't updated to keep up with rs
  4. You either pay for the script or pay for vip
  5. Enceedub

    Got nmz bot.

    Make solid scripts..you'll be a scripter..we want things that work
  6. apparently he can sell it to you ^^
  7. we should see how far we could get with a tribot botted account from level 3
  8. Go to a pest control bank...no randoms = no problems
  9. are you setting up all the settings it asks? if not try it a few times and if it messes up see if you can contact the scripter
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