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  1. Very basic one I made in ~30 seconds, on my computer with OSbuddy as the main window. First one is to switch Ultimate Strength + Incredible reflex's on, and second is to turn eagle eye on. Save as 2 separate files. Note these are super basic, always clicking the exact same spot. Nothing in depth. Clicks prayer tab, clicks prayers,clicks inventory. ^a:: Click 711, 239 Click 720, 363 Click 577, 396 Click 645, 237 ^s:: Click 711, 239 Click 716, 405 Click 645, 241
  2. Scammer's offsite profile: Scammer's offsite scam report thread: http://www.sythe.org/report-scammer/1846894-millenium-100-deposit-sales.html http://www.sythe.org/report-scammer/1847028-millenium-200-account-training.html http://www.sythe.org/report-scammer-archive/1845754-millenium.html http://www.sythe.org/report-scammer/1846517-millenium-dispute-200-deposit-refund-request.html http://www.sythe.org/report-scammer-archive/1841979-scam-report-millenium-500-500-a.html Proof that the TRiBot user and off-site user are the same person: http://gyazo.com/cf7766481680d87794ef0561801d540b http://gyazo.com/b47ed7527c7d11cfbe2c82ef27d660e8 Chat/discussion methods: It's all in other reports Chat username (If Applicable): http://www.sythe.org/members/372256-millenium.html Describe in detail in your words what happened: Owes a lot of money Evidence: ReportsOther:https://tribot.org/forums/user/25736-millenium/
  3. I remember when Randy posted about this on SM sites, I bought his Bing bot strait away when it was new, had no trouble back then, and going to get back to using it now.
  4. Extremely simple script, nothing complicated, pm me or skpe me: thatnameistaken.pb
  5. Contact my on skype (thatnameistaken.pb) or pm me, and we can discuss amounts and prices. Always buying. Prefer runes for spash casting, so airs, fires, minds, chaos, deaths, bloods.
  6. https://tribot.org/forums/topic/40074-easy-an-all-in-one-guide-to-setup-use-vps-for-botting-centosubuntu/ I use this for my centos 6 vps.
  7. Bought another script from him, done super quick, thanks again Tri.
  8. Made a flawless miner, specific to the area, and was finished quickly, thanks.
  9. I play on my main through the client, and had no problems with bans going through the client. I also bot around 16 hours a day on 10 accounts, and get no bans whatsoever on them.
  10. I use http://http://proxyblaze.com/billing/aff.php?aff=119 it's cheaper than anyone on Tribot, but you have to buy 5.
  11. This will also open up doors for more botters, since now they have easier access to raw materials, more production bots will begin to show up.
  12. I asked Yohojo, and he said it was site maintenece. When I tried going to the repository, it said it was a line in file core/Loader or something similar to that line 547.
  13. Add me on skype or pm me: thatnameistaken.pb
  14. For anyone that can do a simple google search http://www.sythe.org/members/423560-fearjan.html
  15. He did not accidentally double post. They're in different sections, with different titles, just the same body.
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