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  1. @Markus pretty sure regen just makes it so you gain 2hp at a time instead of 1hp. So there's no change in the time, just how much gained.
  2. @xbrowniee try deleting your hooks.dat and then restarting tribot it's in your .tribot/settings folder, found by going to %appdata%
  3. No thanks! Unless you're willing to pay 50k per game
  4. From my experience, this will be very easy to achieve
  5. Happy birthday! ^^
  6. I go repair at 25% or less. I repair at this time so as to not have to go repair 2x as much if I were to go at 50%
  7. That's some beast anti-ban
  8. I think it may be due to what you're botting? I've had over 40 accs banned on the same ip, yet only the accs I bot get banned, and can last upwards to a month each before being banned
  9. 31 ._.
  10. (✧ω✧)