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  1. i lost my first 07 account wich had like 1.5k total and 20m hunter exp, 94 magick, 70 def, 140qp etc... now i have account with 99 agility, and 4 other 99s, bank is around 300m. this account has been banned once, next time it will be perm, so nowadays i just play legitly. botting is always been easy for me, i dont rlly know how i managed to bot so much without being banned, maybe i chose the best scripts and i have always used breakhandler.
  2. i have botted agility for over 20m exp, i did rooftops with usa's script. got banned at 20m exp and havent botted since.
  3. could u add super ranging pots?
  4. im about to start Bulletproof diet for couple months, i just spent 100 usd at iHerb.com
  5. i take breaks, i dont bot more than 2 hours in row. i bot max 12h / day. Almost first page at one skill.
  6. Cant wait till release! are u going to release it 4 free?
  7. since u can buy snapdragon or herb by agility arena tickets, this script could be gr8. and i think it's easy to code, doing agility arena isnt rlly harder than running a rooftops.
  8. Im going strong atm. i have botted 2 x 99s (1300 total) i am almost on first page at hiscores with another 99. using premium abcl10 script, and breaks of course. yer ago i lost 1600 total main with 22,5m hunt exp ( rank 30 at the time ) but that time i already had 2 botting bans. ( got caught at chins at 14m exp for the first time and second time i was botting mta with very bad script. and 3rd time i was botting nmz with private script and very crap antiban..
  9. Since Bradsta got banned there is no free aio mage script. Could someone make abcl10 bolt enchanting script! its very simple!
  10. Almost one week and no reply. USA, our PREMIUM scripter.
  11. Hello Usa, i just achieved 99 agility with your script ( like you already know, you posted to my 99 agility thread ) There's couple things that i hope you could change. Since mark of graces stack, you can loot them before u log out ( all of them ) atleast in ardy, so could you make the bot loot graces every 3rd lap or every 5 minutes or something like that so exp / hour would increase. Antiban, why bot right click so often? it's very botlike, and many time bot just stands seconds and then resuming course. exp/hour at ardy is like 46k/h while it could be 60k/h, thats big difference.
  12. it took like 4 weeks, i botted like 12 hours daily. 2 hours then 1 hour break and again 2 hours and break, never gotten me banned so i kept those settings on my breakhandler : )
  13. I used usa's agility script, i have no idea how i didnt get banned. Antiban was rlly bad.
  14. ur advises are bullshit, if u talk to someone at the bank, they will wonder why you just stopped talking and still running rc for hours... but yes ur nmz story could be true. i lost my main at nmz when i manually made it to the game and then i started script, and boom my account was banned in 30 mins