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  1. script writer please look into this u said it was fixed and its still not fixed. http://imgur.com/GTFKYkH bugs like this get u banned so easily as you can see it just spam clicks a uncharged glory
  2. please fix the air obelisk at random times the bot i guess fails to change glories because once it charged all unpowered orbs and attempts to tele it spam clicks teleport on a unchared glory!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please look into this i piad for 2 auths and i cant even use them becuase it spam clicks uncharge glory at random times
  3. air orb running is completely pointless to due because at some point it fails to bring a charged glory and spam rubs a uncharged glory script writer can u reply and fix this
  4. is anyone else doing air orbs because they must be facing this issue as well???
  5. joedezzy can u please fix the problem at air obelisk. Every couple hours after it charges the orbs and attempts to tele it keeps rubbing an uncharged glory. WHY IS IT SOMETIMES HAVING A UNCHARGED GLORY!
  6. can u fix it sometimes not changing glories when its out because its been 4 times now im at air obelisk and it keeps rubbing the glory with no charges
  7. why does the script not stop when it runs out of supplies like cosmics? can you please add this is important so i dont get banned for stupid bugs
  8. dude scripter every now and then when it finishes at air obeliesk it trys to teleport with glory thats has no charges so it spam clicks "rub" trying to teleport when it cannot.
  9. any1 have problems with it somtimes bringing a uncharged glory and then trying to spam tele even though it has no charges at the air obelisk.
  10. does the script log out when out of supplies for air orbs? also why does my gp per hour fluctuate from 300k a hr then i come back and look im at 150k a hr?
  11. How good are range void pures with 42 defence in terms of pking? DO THEY RAPE EVERYONE OR IS THERE A stronger build
  12. torture419

    2 DAY BANS

    has anyone tried to bot on an account that receieved a 2 day ban? Did you allow the account to cool down for couple days? How long did u survive if u botted
  13. Does this script support the mirror client? when i use it with the client its so laggy and the screen keeps flickering black
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