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  1. I guarantee it
  2. Nah, you can't run more than one script at once
  3. Need the quest "ghost ahoy" to be completed on my account, looking for a quester. Wil be paying with 07gp. List your prices below Skype: dan.flamo
  4. Added a few screenshots to the thread
  5. bump
  6. I need a script that will make tribot relevant again. How much would this cost me?
  7. They might not be aware of your mule. But, what they definitely know is that bots are being created from your IP. I'd change my IP if I were you.
  8. Only web walking should fail at barrows, the rest of the pathing/walking methods should work fine if you use them correctly
  9. garbage collection
  10. You're just upset that he's putting your cow killer out of commission
  11. This might honestly be the most ground breaking release here on tribot.
  12. DPathNavigator takes up to a second to calculate a path and it consumes a lot of your computers resources. A* is significantly faster and more efficient.
  13. Yes, google it.