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  1. Flamo353

    want rfund

    Great job obfuscating your explanation, keep it up.
  2. You've come so far my son, I'm proud of you
  3. Flamo353

    Is there an API for the TriBot client itself?

  4. It's refreshing to see you making real progress on the client. I'm glad you were able to overcome whatever it was holding you back. Keep up the good work!
  5. Flamo353

    Can I buy a week of VIP-E?

  6. Flamo353

    TRiBot Release 9.308_0

    Great feature, but it should've been released a lot sooner. I literally left TRiBot for 2 and a half years waiting for this to be implemented.
  7. Hello, u write private script?

  8. Flamo353

    Hacked through tribot somehow??

    @Mute Your rock crab killer is hacking accounts again
  9. Flamo353

    Bot Banned

    Your main account won't receive a ban so long as you aren't transferring botted items to the account
  10. Flamo353

    Accounts are being locked

  11. Flamo353

    Accounts are being locked

    I know the solution, but you'll have to beg me for it
  12. Flamo353

    (F) PM Spammer

    I no longer support tribot
  13. Flamo353

    What does everyone use for gold farming?

    Flax picking is 2k per hour and gets you banned in under 30 minutes
  14. Flamo353

    Trade Message

    Use the message listener to grab the trade request string, then use the code that I gave you to get the player's name
  15. Flamo353

    Trade Message

    String playerToTrade = tradeRequestString.replace(" wishes to trade with you", ""); The code in this snippet will remove the unneeded text, by replacing it with nothing, which should return the player's name.