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  1. I'm going to make a scripting tutorial video for you, hold on
  2. I wrote out an all inclusive guide for you 1. Install java jdk 8. Link to file: https://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/jdk8-downloads-2133151.html 2. Install a development environment. I'd recommend using IntelliJ Idea. Link to file: https://www.jetbrains.com/idea/ 3. Download the tribot client. Link to file: https://tribot.org/download.php 4. Set up your IntelliJ using the guide linked below. Link to setup guide: youtu.be/pOMQ3WUeaQI 5. Now for the fun part; Write your first script. I'd suggest using this video to wrap your head around the process of writing scripts. Watch it, and once you're ready, attempt to copy his script template and use his code to replicate his results. After doing this, you'll hopefully be able to execute your first automated actions in game. Bear in mind, the video maker's code is not perfect, but as far as I can tell it should allow you to automate mining (or woodcutting if you were to replace the ids). Link to written scripting guide: tribot.org/forums/topic/74522-einsteins-scripting-tutorial-part-1/ Link to video scripting guide: youtu.be/Q6SxhOAEcYs?t=30 6. If you decide to pursue scripting any further, an understanding of the fundamentals will be required. I'd suggesting watching or reading any of the many java basics tutorials available to you on the web. 7. Ask for help. The scripting help section is at your disposal, just remember to first google the problem you're having before posting a thread. Good luck
  3. Flamo353


    I seriously doubt that TRiBot's at fault
  4. @Netami taught me everything I know
  5. "The WorldHopper.getServers() method doesn't read interfaces, and can be called offline or without the tab open." Yup, this crossed my mind but I just didn't care enough to search up tab/inventory docs. "you are filtering for worlds where the population == the world number." Wrote it without an IDE so I mistakenly replaced getNumber() with getPopulation() in my attempt to copy the method names from the original snippet. But you're right, if tested this code wouldn't execute as intended.
  6. @rsbotmoo OP is looking for a page reader, not an interface reader. Also, I rewrote your population method but this time I've with incorporated the use of lambdas. I just thought you might find it interesting
  7. I couldn't help myself, I just love semen so much
  8. Believe me, he's out of stock
  9. He's selling jars of dehydrated horse semen and passing it off as a powdered protein supplement.
  10. I wanna know where all the OG tribot users are at, leave a post if you botted in 2014 - 2016
  11. Great job obfuscating your explanation, keep it up.
  12. It's refreshing to see you making real progress on the client. I'm glad you were able to overcome whatever it was holding you back. Keep up the good work!
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