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  1. Flamo353


    Over the course of the past 4 years, I've entrusted thousands of dollars worth of gold to TRiBot's account manager, and I haven't been hacked this day. So instead of trying to pin the blame on anybody but yourself, you should direct your focus towards securing your computer. As of right now, it's likely that your computer is currently being monitored by spyware, so I'd suggest that you back up your files and reformat your pc. Once you've done that, you should be able to safely change all of your passwords. If you'd like any additional help with this you can message me via discord at: Flamo#7518
  2. @Netami (who is widely recognized as one of the most capable and well respected premium scripters here at TRiBot) taught me everything I know.
  3. "The WorldHopper.getServers() method doesn't read interfaces, and can be called offline or without the tab open." Yup, this crossed my mind but I just didn't care enough to search up tab/inventory docs. "you are filtering for worlds where the population == the world number." Wrote it without an IDE so I mistakenly replaced getNumber() with getPopulation() in my attempt to copy the method names from the original snippet. But you're right, if tested this code wouldn't execute as intended.
  4. @rsbotmoo OP is looking for a page reader, not an interface reader. Also, I rewrote your population method but this time I've with incorporated the use of lambdas. I just thought you might find it interesting
  5. I couldn't help myself, I just love semen so much
  6. Believe me, he's out of stock
  7. He's selling jars of dehydrated horse semen and passing it off as a powdered protein supplement.
  8. I wanna know where all the OG tribot users are at, leave a post if you botted in 2014 - 2016
  9. Great job obfuscating your explanation, keep it up.
  10. It's refreshing to see you making real progress on the client. I'm glad you were able to overcome whatever it was holding you back. Keep up the good work!
  11. Great feature, but it should've been released a lot sooner. I literally left TRiBot for 2 and a half years waiting for this to be implemented.
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