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  1. Lirim


    How much would it cost then?
  2. Lirim


    Requesting a hand-done powerleveling service. 46 - 60 Fishing 33 - 60 Smithing 45 - 60 Firemaking Offering 7.5m or more, pm me here. Skype: on request via pm
  3. You type !lvl and the shortcut of the level basically like that !lvl str !lvl atk !lvl agility !lvl hp !lvl def
  4. Lirim

    Bot wont open

    Uhm how can I downgrade to 8u31 then? @TiempoSales
  5. Lirim

    Bot wont open

    This basically appears, it exits and then nothing happens. tried reinstalling java etc but .. strange. any help?
  6. Yes this happened to me just today. First I got a 48hr ban for bot busting but they quashed it after 1 hour or some, then i got Permanently banned for botting lol..
  7. Last location before getting banned?: Druids Skill botted?: None Breaks or no? Yes If so how long?: 4 hours How long did you bot per day?: 15-18 hours Banned before?: No Type of ban?: Major Macro....Perm VPS/VPN/Proxy?: (Yes / No/ Which) No Scripts Used?mgEdgevilleDruid Other Bots Used?:Osbot Epicbot How many bots at a time were being run?:1 Date banned?:2-27-15, filed 2-24-15... Fresh account/Days acc used?: 4
  8. I only get 250 chins per hour. Is there any "special" place to get 400+? It makes me really sick to see it to get only 250 chins with 99 hunter..
  9. Lirim

    Motherlode Mine

    Is there any free script for the Motherlode ? thanks in advance.
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