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  1. Sent you a PM.
  2. Sounds good, is this one discontinued though? If it still worked, I'd be interested in purchasing it.
  3. Actually sounds like a really cool and stable system. Beats spending 3 hours to create accounts just to have them banned the next day. I have a few questions if you don't mind answering: 1.) How many bots are on each proxy? 2.) How do you choose which proxy provider is reliable/safe? (Won't get your account locked/banned) 3.) How long have you been doing this for? Cheers to all the success!
  4. Good shit, can't wait to see more updates. Go big or go home!
  5. Love this. Works like a charm.
  6. Great customer service. A+ Works like a charm. Will report back if any issues pop up.
  7. Consistently getting stuck here: Always with a full inventory and rocks blocking the path.
  8. If you didn't restart your router for a new IP address, yes your current IP is flagged.
  9. When I'm cutting regular tree's in lumbridge and banking, it's been frequently stopping before the first set of stairs. Can you please check it out? Here's an img.
  10. For some reason its not adding the master onto the friends list. I've tried closing the client and opening it repeatedly. I've also tried setting my time to the nearest hour. Help would be appreciated. Here is a brief description of my GUI for slaves: It has axes (3) on its "not to bank" list. It has the master set up at lumbridge bank. Everything else is filled in correctly. - Edit: It works for a select accounts. When I set it up, maybe 1-2 out of 7 accounts will add the master.. And on the accounts it doesnt work on, it says on the client debug "pming master", "pm sent", but no PM has been sent..
  11. I have the unlimited version yet I can only run 9 scripts? can you help me out?
  12. Honestly I love this script. It's been so useful for managing my botfarm. I'd definitely donate to you. Thanks
  13. Any news on a fix for this? What bot manager does is, it banks the axe at the bank, and then when it resumes tree tipper, it automatically goes to the tree's, without an axe until it logs out.
  14. "A better wcing script" no point in bashing other scripters. Arckos script is probably one of the best scripts for woodcutting seeing as my rune axes NEVER break when using his script. Fixing rune axes for 40+ accounts is tedious. Trust me I tried with Delta which you would probably consider "quality" (tri's script). If that script was good enough to go "premium", one would rightfully assume that it would work with botmanager, but it doesn't. Now if I were to purchase your woodcutting script that would be me out of 15$ and repairing my axe's frequently seeing as you haven't updated the ENT issue, which I took from your thread. Teletport tabs wouldn't work because I'm using F2P.