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  1. Yeah, working for a guy, he doesn't have runes so i have to buy them myself. I don't want to dump 20m on a free shopping script -.-
  2. Forget it
  3. Context: Currently in ge, trying to make a buy offer, typing text. Usually when u type exact item name it will appear to be one of the first items, but that's not true with "leather". Tried to flip it, but the script would be stuck and try to click out of GE GUI, what it actually does it presses the chat hotbar "game" toggle.
  4. 5m per hour and i'm all yours.
  5. Paid me 31m in total, got a big order from him atm He's legit, a nice guy, sometimes he's a bit busy but he always pays.
  6. When the script will be updated with new clues, please, inform me
  7. I'm looking forward to buy your script, just, i would like the bugs that people told you to be fixed. Also like some1 mentioned, i would like that you would add function "join this cc "" " and the bot should calculate which world is most popular in the cc, minimum 30% ppl in the same world.
  8. Services by hand Running through tutorials - 250k each. Skilling and NMZ prices are negotiable. I will go first to trusted members I can also do quests, but those would cost some. I will record everything with software OBS and provide it to the buyer if requested. I can also livestream if you request. Everything will be done on non-flagged IP. For more info skype: sasuke200036 <-- 3 0's Payment methods - PayPal/OSRS gp
  10. Thank you very much for the advice to increase mouse speed! Without max reaction it still seems that he's getting hit because of delayed prayer and i can't afford that with low stats, so i'm just using max reaction. Haven't died yet (new record): Worthy I do understand that it's a pretty complex script (and the only on tribot), but you could make your guide to use it a bit better. I had no idea that increasing mouse speed will have this huge impact.
  11. Yeah the avg drop is out of air, morr like avg that i got from my kills using this script. What do u mean, take two pots if <70magic? My magic is 85 and pray 72, he has no chance to kill zulrah with one DOSE. It could with (4) dose potion every time. It never jukes mele attacks on one specific pattern, human mistake? Haven't really tested the serp helm, maybe u're right. Does log out when lack of supplies AND then it runs login script to relog. Basicly, the only time when i had to afk for two hours, it has killed zulrah for 1 hour and logged in/out for another hour (confirmed by my friend, he was like wtf, ur script shouldnt be like this.) Sometimes it prefers trying to do other stuff like switching i think (don't remembet) instead of eating. (I did set it to eat at 65 HP calced by percent) Full stack isn't 1 bolt. Twice it was even stuck in bank cuz i had 970 on me and ive saved loadout of 1000. Later i did just leave a few in the bank and it did work fine. I will repeat, there's one zulrah pattern that your script fails, fails to dodge mele attack every time, goes to wrong side and that destroys a few sharks, fails to use right prayer in time. Some1 up said that i should use 3/4 reaction with 200 speed, will test that.
  12. Before buying this script with NON MAXED stats read this. I would ask for a refund or some help. Read what ive wrote below. Spent like 5 hours trying to set up without A LOT of deaths and failed. Ok. I'm done. Am i doing something wrong? 89 Range 85Hp/mage 75deff 72pray. Reaction set to max, 4 karambwans, 2 pray pots (because it takes even (1) dose if u check 1 pot), anti-venom+ (without serp). My loadouts that ive tested: Void + occul/fury + ava/godcape + blowpipe/trident (swamp) + infinity boots Void + occul + ava/godcape + rcb diamond (e) + bss + infinity boots Serp + ahrims top/bot + karils bot + ava/godcape + occul + rcb diamond (e) + bss + trident (swamp) + bgloves + infinity boots Food used - shark, 1024MB RAM for the client (just incase) The script seems to tottaly fail one (only one) pattern, always get fked by mele attack, delayed pray switch, basicly 100 percent death rate on that pattern. It's usually 1:2 kill ratio, 1 kill, 2 deaths. That's not profitable while teleports are 25k. This script DOESN'T use charters/fairy rings which make you cost additional 25k per trip, while the drops are usually about 90k avg, DOESN'T take (4) pray pot if the option is set to 1 ppot, instead keeps the (1) dose and hopes to survive, DOESN'T juke every mele attack on max reaction (almsot certain death), DOESN'T recharge serp helm, DOESN'T end script when acc logs off because of lack of supplies, instead keeps relogging and dcing (login script, free ban), DOESN'T attack with rapid/accurate mode, which probbably would increase chances of kiling zulrah with lower stats, sometimes EVEN DOESN'T attack zulrah a single time while he's shooting snakelings, DOESN'T eat on critical hp levels in time PRETTY OFTEN (even when set up on 72 percent auto eat, which would make me full hp with shark), DOESN'T take stacks of diamond bolts (e), instead bot takes freaking 1 bolt. Pretty poor item switch, taking 4 item switch is suicide even with max reaction and 120 mouse speed. EDIT: Pretty dissapointed with this script, i'm holding it only for 8 hours tho. Don't complain about my grammar, i'm sure u'll understand what i've wrote. It would be ok if this script would be free, but 20 dollars every 14days for this nonsense.. Unless it's something wrong with me, then help me. 1m/h with this script would be a dream, i get more like 300k/h PROFIT
  13. I'm having the same problem - can't receive an email from this site. I also can't seem to be able to purchase credits with stripe card, just the payment window doesn't pop out
  14. I'm trying to purchase credits from https://tribot.org/repository/user_panel/purchase_credits/ stripe method, but nothing happens. When i click to "purchase" with value of 20 credits the page refreshes and the 20 value stays with no additional reaction. http://prntscr.com/aq0mtx Coinbase method seems to work, but i don't have a Bitcoin acount and i don't want to mess with it.