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  1. I'm interested, just post your work of it, (having watermark or whatever) and I'll let you know, hoping someone can make something cool for me!
  2. I need a logo for my 3v3 basketball teams t-shirts. So be mindful of it printing onto a t-shirt. I want it to say PuЯ3. love the colors, black, orange, blue, white. for the pur3 portion of it bright blue and orange, or whatever looks good. I'll be paying with paypal and i'm an adult so I have money, put your watermarks or whatever on what you design so you don't have to worry. Thank you!
  3. Hey, should I train range with blowpipe full void and what darts should i use, cost effective.
  4. Wait, dwarven rockcake or do i need the other rock cake from watchtower quest?
  5. I did what I needed to to get the rock cake, put the id in where the pots are but the bot didnt use the cake before the absorbs so i stay at around 35hp or whatever, also when I try to manually do it by pausing bot, letting absorb deplete then pray melee to use rock cake to 1hp, and then turning the bot on again it spams the rock cake like no other continually
  6. What do I choose for prayer flick? Also I do not have the rockcake, do I just start rfd or something for it?
  7. Are "rounds" supposed to last only an hour if that? Because, I barely make enough points to get more absorbs or overloads.
  8. Yeah, I cant get my nmz to start at all
  9. So how should i train? Should i dharok and use prayer pots for protect from melee? I dont get the absorbs and overloads, or should i do the absorbs and use whip or ss or something?
  10. Wondering if you could rework the banking, it just screams bot to me.
  11. So this is abc2 now? Do we have to do anything or is it implemented into the script/client?
  12. I'd love to finally get a fire cape, 70+ in all stats except 60+ pray so that'd be 10usd correct? and I'd do PP, uhh send me a message.