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  1. love the bot it did wonders.. but i got a two day ban only after a 6hrs use on my main
  2. what is the best thing to merch if you only have 7m?. how does this bot work actually
  3. this really is a good bot.. only problems i have are trying to make the custom loot pick ups and it getting stuck on skipping task.. it goes to salyer master near fally and keeps clicking em but doesnt ever skip task
  4. nah candle can go out.. use lantern.. last longer buy from ge
  5. how do i set it up to pick up items i want it to?
  6. how can i go about making sure it picks up ensouledheads? also why doesnt the bot use all mobs in neives cave? i got kalphites and it took me to desert...
  7. ok ive been running it its perfect.. but it seems to not run long.. i kinda have to baby sit it
  8. for some reason i cant get the alch stun part working is there a certain way it has to be done? is it alright if you post a pic or a tut on how to get it up and running?
  9. is there away you can put in the script to use magic? like to pick up runes and cast which ever spell we wanted?
  10. ok it works well.. whats the best set up to use with 70-80-70.. im only getting around 62k xp per hour sadly.
  11. ok so do i need to restart the client? because it still stands at the bank.
  12. so for this to continue to work it can be no placeholders at all?