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  1. Hello! i have one question before i buy this bot! if i buy games from other peoples, do i need to have like Mountain Daughter done ? Because i havent done it..
  2. Hey! im going to start a fresh new account and im going to bot at rockcrabs, which one is the best rockcrab bot?
  3. exactly and thats the big problem, every time it teleports it get stucked.
  4. Okey then tell me how many emergency teleports you have made
  5. dude i dont see anywhere anyone that have write about my problem? if your bot work so good, i guess you dont need emergency teleports? because that what the problem is.
  6. Can you take a look at the problem after a emergency teleport, i always get stucked and says, lost! Teleporting to house!
  7. Everytime it do a emergency teleport it get stuck in house. PLS can anyone answear what the problem is?
  8. This script have been flawless, but now it always logg out when i have emergency teleported away from the abbyss? anyone know what the problem is? =)
  9. How many accounts: 1 What can be changed: User(s) that will have access to the account: ibot4funn MAX amount of time that user(s) will have access to the account: 4hrs, or how long fire cape takes. Picture of account stats and high wealth before service for your insurance: have nothing good in bank. Do you understand that you may NOT edit this post, you must re-post this form for any changes: Yes
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