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  1. are you gonna implement Agility Pyramid? http://2007.runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Agility_Pyramid
  2. 2 day banned, got 300 points meh
  3. Gets randomly stuck on destroyed doors trying to open them
  4. Bought the script, lets see how this goes (:
  5. nvm trials are for vips
  6. Why should I get this one instead of @Tris ?
  7. Can I pay you with RSGP to get the 14 day option?
  8. How fast will it get in? You should make a toggle able spam clicker for those who want more points/hr
  9. Could I have a trial? Looking for a good pest control script that will get me my void Does it spamclick the ladder after game has ended? I noticed when doing that it will get a lot more points/hr as the game usually starts right after it ended Making it lose that one will make it wait.
  10. I botted 150 hours straight without a ban
  11. I have literally botted from 90-98 straight That's 6 days straight and no ban.
  12. This bot has become so bot like, the mouse movement is just move -> click -> afk -> repeat None of this is randomized and there is literally no camera movement What happened?
  13. None. I had 45 hour proggy before this, but rs got updated.