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  1. Damn, still going strong with the awesome updates TRiLeZ. Good work man, I'm tempted to try out the new bot!
  2. Gz man, going to be 5 years for me soon.. I'm getting old.
  3. Good job TRiLez.
  4. This is my latest tag/sig My deviantArt: itskoy.deviantArt.com
  5. I don't know why you would make a break timer guide when Tribot doesn't even have one.
  6. Mumble > TeamSpeak I'll supply Tribot with a mumble server?
  7. Game of Thrones, Workaholics, The Walking Dead, Stargate SG1, Friends
  8. I'd advise looking into a current engine, instead of attempting a 3D engine yourself. For example, JMonkey for Java developers and Unreal for C++ developers, Unreal also has the Unreal Script which I think eliminates most of the C++ programming (don't quote me on that though). Also XNA is quite easy to develop with, but unfortunately your games will only run on Windows.
  9. I'll download these and take a look, thanks for sharing
  10. Woot! It's here Great work tribot, DLing now
  11. Same Was going to get collectors.. but I was feeling cheap
  12. Ravens are god awful and infestors die within seconds. Thors and marines are brutal though... I agree with that
  13. Pre-ordered the day it started
  14. Trilez is a Canadian, operating out of Canada, on a website hosted in Canada...Jagex can't do shit. Any "copyright infringement" would be happening outside of the DMCA's jurisdiction and from what I've read so far there aren't any laws in Canada prohibiting what's going on and there won't be for anytime soon. The chances of Jagex being able to put together a sucessful lawsuit against any bot makers/distributors who deal in the field of OpenGL/DirectX interception is next to nil since there is no client cracking going on, it operates on what the game client spits out rather than the game files themselves. So whether the bot/scripts are free/opensource or paid, Jagex has no means as of right now nor the immediate future to do anything to stop it rather than pull OpenGL support and effectively screw over 10% of their tiny player base. P.S. Sorry about the wall of text. Try providing proof before you say "there is nothing Jagex can do". Thats what everyone said about Impsoft and look what happened, they got taken down. I also had bought a few of their scripts. I bought the slayer bot 2 weeks before they went down