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  1. It should work fine with LG too. It is wierd since the script makes sure that the bank is open and uses checks to make sure that all the items are loaded before saying it is out of a certain item. If it appears that an item is not there, it will repeatly check it within the next few seconds. If the item still appears to be not located in the bank, after all this time, it will stop the script. I will look into your issue tomorrow night.
  2. Try to restart tribot (sometimes tbe client has problems with the definitions cache reader, a restart will fix this) Wierd, are you using LG?
  3. @reanox Yes it should, what makes you think that it is not using it?
  4. @waffletastic @Notorious Pushed an update, could you tell me if this fixed the issue?
  5. Ok I will have a look @Notorious @waffletastic
  6. the script uses tribots banking method, so this would be a client related problem. I could implement my own banking method and restrict to only using bankbooths for some places @waffletastic
  7. @waffletastic Please try again
  8. Make sure your script is located in the root package called "scripts" So for example scripts/combat/FighterScript.java
  9. Version 1.9 released ABC2 support
  10. New download link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/9dfb948tzz8v8l6/Script+packer.jar Update Added dependency detection for inner and anonymous classes Should now work on both windows & unix based systems
  11. Version 3.6 released ABC2 support added Switch between ABC1 and ABC2 in the GUI If you are using script arguments, use the argument 'abc2' to specify which version of ABC you want to use (More explanation about script arguments on the first page) Small bug fix with the counting of smith items Note: Expect the script to be slower when enabling ACB2, the slow reaction times are supposed to be more human like. I suggest you to try it out and see if you notice a lower ban rate and then decide for yourself. (ABC1 with the right setup, botting times and breaks might work out just fine for you as well) Doesn't it fix its mistake immediately? Or does it close the bank first? @osrs42
  12. Please go to your .tribot folder > AlphaSmither and delete profiles.dat
  13. I sent you 5 credits for the inconvenience. Like I said, I never heard of anyone with this problem before. We will discuss further details on skype.