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  1. AlphaSmither V3.9 released Fixed incorrect interface ids while smelting bars. (It should smelt the correct bars now)
  2. This only seems to happen sometimes when using looking glass. I will investigate it further.
  3. AlphaCrafter Pro

    Maybe try to restart the client @Fluffee ? I will try it out myself too when I get home.
  4. AlphaCrafter Pro

    So org.tribot.api2007.Interfaces.isInterfaceValid is throwing an exception, Isn't that a client problem then? I use the method to see if the glass interface is open.
  5. AlphaSmither 3.8 has been released Fix for smelting cannonbals when there is only one bar left in your inventory The script works fine Thanks for the suggestion! I will add it when I rework the banking. "An additional change that might help avoid the Jagex ban system would be to move the mouse off screen often during "AFK" times" Another great suggestion, however, it already does this occasionally. How often it will happen is decided by TRiBot's ABC system (anti-bot compliance). However, I think I might add an option to increase this in the GUI, since like you said, you will move the mouse off the screen quite a lot while doing time-consuming tasks (like smithing), playing legally.
  6. Another improvement: Coal bag support (If someone is willing to provide a test account with a coal bag, that would be great )
  7. I plan on testing and fix this script in the upcoming weekend. I would want to ask anybody that is experiencing issues to post a detailed bug report. Please specify if you are using LG as well. Bugs: High priority: "If making cannon balls and you level up/take a break with 1 bar left in your inventory. When it goes to use the last bar it will repeatedly try to use the bar on the furnace since the 'make all' interface wont appear and will never actually use the bar." Improvements: Rework the banking part of the script and make sure that it doesn't always close the bank by clicking the X, since most legit players just click on the minimap.
  8. AlphaCrafter Pro

    I am currently fixing glass blowing and battle staffs. Sorry for the late update. Note: I refunded the following people: @yusuf_159 @wrathitheimmortal @xbrowniee @Twitchbot123 If anyone thinks he is eligible for a refund, please send me a pm! I will keep you guys posted, again, sorry for the late update. Update: Script version 2.1 is released Glassblowing fix Battlestaff fix
  9. This script is giving me issues with glassblowing molten glass into Unpowered Orbs. It accesses the bank, grabs the molten glass, then closes the bank. It proceeds to use the glassblowing pipe with the molten glass. However, When the menu option pops up on screen, it continues to try and use glassblowing pipe with the molten glass repetitively, not making any orbs. It doesn't rightclick the popup menu and create all. This needs to be fixed.

    Just want to let you know, i purchased this script 3 days ago in hopes to get some crafting levels. Instead, i just paid $5 to a broken script. I tried contacting you via the thread, however no response. Now i see that this seems to be a common issue on the thread with things not working and no responses. I want to know  if i can be refunded, or if this script will be fixed asap? 

  10. AlphaCrafter Pro

    It seems that battlestaffs and glassblowing have been broken and that for dragonhide it is making the wrong items since last interface update. I am sorry for the inconvenience, I will be happy to refund anyone that has been troubled by these broken functionalities. On a side note, I lost my crafter account credentials, therefore I am training a new account now. If anybody wants a quick fix and is willing to share an account for ~30 minutes, I can promise you to fix the script either today or tomorrow.