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  1. Good point, I will try to rework the walking system to work in a more human way on resizable mode. I expect to have time for it next weekend. Until then it might be wise to not use resizable.
  2. I am going to push an update this weekend that will resolve this issue. Thanks for your report
  3. Making molten glass gives you crafting exp and is therefor considered to be a crafting skill (not smithing)
  4. That is abnormal. The CPU should barely increase while running the script (comparing to be logged in without running any script).
  5. AlphaDog

    AlphaCrafter Pro

    I have been extremely busy with non-related RS things. I don't need any help of other scripters, however, if someone is up for helping me test and report about what exactly is broken, that would be great!
  6. AlphaSmither Version 4.0 released: Update the script to work with resizable mode Paint now correctly resizes when you resize the game
  7. @enzoisamazing Where you using this script in resizable mode? I have to update some of my walking methods in order to make it work for resizable, im on it. Thanks for reporting
  8. @1lf did @WannaBot @Masterc117 Apparently, something went wrong while uploading the script to the repo since it is working fine locally. I reuploaded the script and it should work now, sorry for the inconvenience.
  9. AlphaSmither V3.9 released Fixed incorrect interface ids while smelting bars. (It should smelt the correct bars now)