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  1. Got over 30m xp with this script, It's far from shit.
  2. It withdraws the food, Steals once, then banks all, then repeats EDIT: - Fixed it, I was asking it to withdraw 27 food and it was banking because of full inv, my bad.
  3. Just got 99 - Never had a problem with the script.
  4. Some people have all the luck.. Just got 97 after not using for a few days.. Work's perfectly.
  5. Wanted to use the trail but accidentally bought it Anyway, Going smooth so far after 2 hours, Will try again tomorrow for a couple hours.
  6. Done everything i can to try get this working, i even uninstalled all anti virus and fire walls i have but still no luck.
  7. I have already deleted the .tribot folder and reinstalled. I turned off all my firewalls and i have Java 8.51
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