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  1. does this support ammonite crabs? Ill give it a try.
  2. Do you accept TOS: YESAmount of gold wanted: 200mPayment option: PAYPAL(VERIFIED)Have you added me on DISCORD: YES
  3. Even when you are in AFK 1 spot. People still crash you. You can't make it so it forces to attack the crabs in your spot? It just sits there unless the crab hits me. Don't see it really as a hard add to change @Mute
  4. it works now.But @Mute can you mkae it so it attacks other players rock crabs when in AFK mode? It is not attacking the rock crab when someone crashes me.
  5. That fixed it. Now the new issue is that it has problems re-entering the dream and does not enter it again correctly. It keeps misclicking/spamming NPC dream option now. Please fix as that is a urgent issue.
  6. @Naton script ran fine for like 2 hours straight but now it stops automatically. The error debug says" We lost an item 1. Ending Script. " not sure what item is lost? I haven't changed any settings..
  7. It doesn't look that bad. Looks like it is working now! Runs flawlessly. Can you maybe add a feature to make it stop automatically at a certain level/time? This will make it less botlike
  8. That option was bugged first time I used it. Now it seems like it is working. Hopefully it will bank for more/buy for more pots.
  9. I have set it up yes. Are these the wrong ID's? I only have 3 items. 995- Dwarven Rock Cake overload potions: 26636 and absorption potions: 7946?
  10. yeah dude everythings set up correctly.. It logs off now in middle of a NMZ session now. Debug says: "We Lost an Item: 1. Ending Script" not suregwhat item i'm missing or anything
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