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  1. This works: Util.getWorkingDirectory().getAbsolutePath()
  2. You get LG (Looking Glass) with the VIP-extended. You can't use premium scripts for free. You would still need to pay for them. With VIP-E you also get Humen Mouse support. This make the bot less botlike. This is Looking glass.
  3. @raouf20092 Updated script. It will react alot faster. v1.06 (26-10-2015):-> Improved the speed the bot reacts on a spawned wine. Wont lose as much wines as before.If anyone thinks the reaction time is still too slow, let me know.
  4. @jake miler https://tribot.org/forums/topic/35481-tacomanstans-scripting-guide/ This guide will explain alot about the static keyword. The script is the issue.
  5. @Goddness Make sure to enable the "Buy items accurately". Else it will only use the sell 50 option. Noticed it doesn't show its for selling too will change it in the next update. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  6. @yiqubha Just put one in the bank
  7. @kekko Looking into this now. EDIT: For me the bot is working like it's supposed to do. I only noticed some banking flaw when using deposit box, I fixed this. v1.07 (24-10-2015):-> Fixed banking issue with deposit box.-> Minor tweaks.@kekko I'll pm you for some more info, so I can check what the issue is.
  8. @yiqubha Oh yeah, I will change the XP check. And putting these values on 1 will make the script keep running until it has no more runes in his inventory
  9. @H22A4 Updated the script. v1.06 (22-10-2015):-> Added deposit box support.-> Minor walking/banking tweaks.
  10. Goodluck, from my experience self written scripts, which ofcourse have ABCL10 implemented and only you use. Are capable of running insanely long without a ban. I ran multiple accounts for 20h+ non stop, without a single ban yet. Although breaking is recommended though just to be a bit more safe. Good luck!
  11. @Yurazik4 @jamie7893 Both using the ingame world hopper? Or the default one? I will look into the script not continueing after the anti-ban.
  12. @Yurazik4 Updated script. v1.05 (19-10-2015):-> Fixed bug getting stuck once bot get behind the temple.-> Fixed some other world-hopping issues.I watched the bot for 90 minutes it never counted a wine that was not grabbed. It schould not be even able to do so, as it only counts a wine when it appears in your inventory and not if a spell casted. For the anti-ban. I can change it so it won't do any anti-ban while waiting for the wine to spawn. Although this doens't seem wise. It will lower the anti-ban measures alot. The script will however move back the mouse if it's finished with the anti-ban.
  13. @Yurazik4 I'll have a look at these points. I'm always in for improvement.
  14. @cvd7171 Been really busy with school and personal stuff the past week. Although the script runs stable. This proggy is running attacker mode: Sadly I don't have much time at the moment. Although I'll keep working on it in my spare time.