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  1. http://gyazo.com/48aaf82697e272784d6c09aa22bcaa7a I made sure the names match and it trades, just gets stuck between trades it just idles
  2. Role (Slave or Master):master Rune:fire,air any i have tried Tiara or Talisman:both Problem (in detail):Slaves will walk to master and trade, master will not trade. I have traded myself to see if it would accept but neither does, i can post a vid if you want? Everything else works just the master wont trade the slaves, i have double checked the names
  3. Having trouble making fire runes, they trade the master but the master doesnt trade them.
  4. fret

    Trading scripts?

    Not sure if trading scripts i legal on here. Someone give me an answer?
  5. Are you Buying or Selling Bonds?buying How many Bonds are you Buying/Selling?1 How are you sending/receiving Payment?07 gp Have you added me on skype?Yes
  6. fret

    Buying 6.4k flax

    Need to buy 6.4k flax 320k! pm me
  7. Looking to buy some quest kits,pmed
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