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  1. Just bought the script, And it cant use Yanille tabs. So i Switched house to Yanille, but when it teleports to my house it wont leave my house. I have to manually click the portal to leave my house and afterwards it works very well.
  2. This Script is not attacking Zulrah half of the time, and my script bugged over night where it went to bank got a duel ring and teleported from clanwars portal to clanwars for a good two hours.
  3. When I load the script, the Interface comes up and then closes down quick. The reaons was; [19:51:30] java.lang.SecurityException: Internet Connection Denied: api.rsbuddy.com
  4. Yo whats up man, I just bought this script for 14 days and I cant set it up without it shutting down at the client. Can you help?
  5. Hey man, I like your script, but a thing i don't see is wear you toggle DH mode.