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  1. Bot dead again after RuneScape update :/ Just updated 5 min ago and bot don't works anymore.
  2. Thank you I think bot needs to update, I just broke my 2 pickaxes. Or it's already updated? Can I go mine at Quarry?
  3. Please fix random bugs, because sometimes random appears in other side and bot clicking on random npc and I get message "I can't reach" that mean bot is dead.. And bot stand for a long time untill random kick u or until lot out (im not sure about log out) That is the big problem. Bot cant run properly all the time... And looks botlike when standing for a long time and trying to talk to event npc.
  4. Please fix spam clicking when bot returning to start position. [Rellekka rooftop] Spam counts: about 5-8 clicks per second every time he returns to start postiion (last clicks on minimap is spamming). Please check it... I wonder I get cought by Jagex auto bot detect..
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