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  1. instead of paying 1600 for a cpu just build 2 computers
  2. goodluck m8
  3. or it will stay 1.8m/hr because it would be hard to have 10+ maxed mains botting it without getting banned.
  4. they didnt steal your money
  5. you da best erickho
  6. i'm using assume's logic pro and was wondering how to find "parent id" of an interface. halp plz!
  7. the cheese potatoes are like 12gp ea and are equal to lobsters which cost 225+ea. You don't do much research.
  8. ive seen many a doge's
  9. 1. All days 2. All timezones 3. Anywhere you are botting 4. Depends 5. Depends 6. whats a break?
  10. NVM, doing it myself
  11. you can make any build you want for staking. Learn how much each combat skill contributes. HP is the most important. Build multiple accounts with similar skills (not exact) to have an advantage on your opponent.
  12. Before i purchase, can i loot items from the ground? Can i interact with doors and npcs? Can i logout (fast) if player with a certain combat is nearby? @Assume Maybe a trial offer would be awesome.