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  1. Bluescreened whilst botting and now I can't start any scripts because it says I can't have more than one script at a time, I've restarted my comp twice and still doesn't work, help kthx
  2. Mouse is too fast and get stuck on the third enchant.
  3. Still misclicks going to the alkarid furnace every trip.
  4. This is still a thing, runs for about 5 minutes for me and then starts withdrawing the normal amount of gold bars and then 7 more.
  5. If there isn't an option to stand on top of the mail box I'm going to quit.
  6. Stream highlight.
  7. You handled that horribly.
  8. Servers are fucked.
  9. I've botted 5 accounts to 99 fletching, botting 10-12 hours a day, none of them got banned.
  10. Online!
  11. Online!
  12. Haven't dealt with you much but when I did it was a breeze.
  13. Looking again!