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  1. Bluescreened whilst botting and now I can't start any scripts because it says I can't have more than one script at a time, I've restarted my comp twice and still doesn't work, help kthx
  2. nameron

    Sapphire Enchanter

    Mouse is too fast and get stuck on the third enchant.
  3. Still misclicks going to the alkarid furnace every trip.
  4. This is still a thing, runs for about 5 minutes for me and then starts withdrawing the normal amount of gold bars and then 7 more.
  5. nameron

    Need a 100% working bot for pure training

    https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?/topic/17498-1292013-update-tri-experiment-fighter-pure-friendly-everything-is-flawless/ ^ That has been flawless for me on my pure, it's cheap for how good it is in my opinion.
  6. Will have to give this a go once I've sorted my VIP problems out, keep it up! ​
  7. nameron


    Where did you see "Warning: Macro detected"?
  8. nameron

    Auto Fletcher Elite

    Only 2 more to go
  9. nameron

    qqqGertrudesCat [Gertrude's Cat]

    Works fine, but it'd be better if there was dynamic clicking (I think that's what it is?) as it often mis-clicks NPCs if they walk around and it looks a bit suspicious. Thanks for the script!