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  1. holy grail and merlins crystal seems bugged. https://pastebin.com/tCAWuWJN
  2. there's a bug when blowpipe charge is low, it teles to ge, walks to edge bank, teles to clan wars, teles to ge again and repeats this sequence.
  3. its just timeout due to inactivity. [06:43:30] FINISH MSG: Ending script due to 7 minute timeout inactivity (24720575) STATUS: Hopping worlds
  4. does the bot repair ahrims in POH? Script ends outside house portal with ahrim skirt broken,
  5. @erickho123 Can you add an option when banking to not bank a specified item? So it just banks what you're buying.
  6. support for preserve pray? Would help a lot when using imbued heart.
  7. Usually hops worlds straight after teleing to home/ zulrah and theres no problems but having an issue when bot tries to world hop after opening ornate jewellery box interface. Hard to tell why it happens. Client Debug: FINISH MSG: Too many (8) of the same message: [Please finish what you're doing before using the World Switcher.]. Possible bug? Ending script
  8. Yeah in-game world hopper I think it just happens when I specifically choose the worlds to hop. Not getting any problems now leaving it empty(default).
  9. when using the world hop option it would sometimes continuously hop to the worlds selected until I stop the script.
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