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  1. cant wait to try!such a great scripter please help him out with the bugs in good format he deserves it and its free which is unreal
  2. haiden420

    TRiBot Release 9.05_0

    Nice and quick
  3. haiden420

    TRiBot Release 9.04_0

    Good work
  4. Very helpful and professional person :)

  5. haiden420

    Two-Factor Authentication

    Very nice love it
  6. haiden420

    Master Flax Spinner! Free & Flawless

    nice love your scripts!
  7. haiden420

    Bat Account Creator

    Very nice ! Will be useful to many
  8. Looks nice looking forward to try it out
  9. haiden420

    TRiBot Release 9.03_0

    Thaanks and yeah what smoke said to would be a nice bonus in your free time!
  10. haiden420

    dcthugs93 Private Script Shop

    Good luck man You should look into a script that kills tzhaar monsters and loots the good stuff ! Premium of course pm how much itd be private though
  11. Congratz on script druid sure it'll be a beaut like the others ! Free to eh ;o? Should make it premium eventually and make yourself some money
  12. Hey mute could you please check out the ankou's I can have pics ! It sometimes gets stuck at the gates to answer the question to get through! Request anything that you would need or maybe you or somebody else have a solution for me
  13. Hey guys what monster should I camp thats working well, Im 60 atk, 71 str, 60 def!