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  1. cant wait to try!such a great scripter please help him out with the bugs in good format he deserves it and its free which is unreal
  2. 2.3m for all this!

    sold sorry
  3. TRiBot Release 9.05_0

    Nice and quick
  4. i cant start tribot it says

    Are you talking about rs3 or oldschool since you need VIP for free scripts and if you have premium scripts you will always have those unless its /m instaid of /a
  5. TRiBot Release 9.04_0

    Good work
  6. Very helpful and professional person :)

  7. Two-Factor Authentication

    Very nice love it
  8. Master Flax Spinner! Free & Flawless

    nice love your scripts!
  9. Bat Account Creator

    Very nice ! Will be useful to many
  10. RS 30 Days Membership

    Good luck... some advice would be to start by selling them one at a time not a min order of 10... P.S I hope your not that guy who messaged me on 2 different accounts today
  11. anybody can help me, cause even the administrator cant.

    Heads up for next make sure they message you on tribot saying that this is them your talking to you, sorry for your loss though!
  12. Careful of this or you could be hacked...

    Thought this could be helpful: (pulled from a forum by Mod Sadie) REMEMBER: Jagex will NEVER email you regarding account related issues unless you have specifically requested it. These will always be dealt with via the message centre. We will NEVER email you about: Macroing Selling your Account Real World Trading Received an Offence Received an Infraction Account is in Danger Zone Account Suspension Account Disabled Account Intrusion Password Expiring Password has been Wrongly Entered Unusual Activity on your Account To Validate your Email Address (if you haven't requested it) You are Eligible for a Free Gift To Confirm a Change to your Email Address (if you haven't requested it) To Recover your Password (if you haven't requested it) Moderator invitation or application
  13. Careful of this or you could be hacked...

    Oh I know what you mean... but thinking back maybe if I was 13-16 I might of clicked it ! Just thought it would be a nice thing to do since I keep seeing all these people hacked and just thought maybe they were falling for this
  14. Careful of this or you could be hacked...

    Yeah, like nobody went through this lol! Anybody else been getting these?
  15. I am sure most of you know this by now but I wanted to help those who did not! Watch out for e-mails by "jagex" they look very real and almost if not the same as the real emails! Do not click this no matter how real it looks or seems always use runescape.com to check your messages for bans/others.(only use email to verify or change password which would come right away after your request) The past few days ive gotten these emails saying my account is banned! here is a sample of what to expect! (I blocked the link they gave me for safety) Remember be safe and smart Its funny to since they messed up on some spelling This is an automated email from Jagex Ltd., makers of RuneScape and FunOrb, and publishers of War of Legends. Dear Player, We regret to inform you that your account has been permanently banned for Real World Trading. Please visit the appeal section under Account Management to view evidence of your offence(s) and to appeal any offence(s) that you feel are unjustified. To view the evidence please click here: Please note: Due to a recent bug in our offence system, some accounts may have received a void offence. The majority of void offences have been removed but we! ca! nnot ensure that all have been removed. We encourage you to visit the appeal section to appeal any unjust offences received due to system errors. Many thanks, Jagex Ltd.